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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fate Worse than Death

I will turn 50 this year, gasp* gulp*

I remember when I was around 13 I made a pact with a friend. "If I am not dead by 25 promise that you will kill me" she agreed as long as I promised the same in return because we did not want to get old and mean and wretched.
Thankfully she did not come after me, nor I her but now I face the challenge of getting old.

This is my last year in my 40's. By 50 I guess I could be called old. That is a terrifying word in this country. Nothing is as bad as old to me. Why? This is my challenge to stay young in mind, body and soul and debunk this fate worse than death.


Anonymous said...

Turning 50? Starting a blog? I've been there! Have a blast. Make it your best year! I'll be following your training -- and your blogging.

JW said...

First of all, consider me a follower! Second of all, thanks for kinda bringing me back to my own blog, which I haven't written in since right before I found transformation! As I read it, I see I was totally on the same path as Bill and it excites me. I was on that path on my OWN. I don't need someone else to show me it.. ;) You are awesome!! ~ Janelle ~

JellyPA said...

Go Sheridan! My age was 30....but thankfully my friend didn't take me up on it. Haha, lol, and all that jazz.