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Monday, January 18, 2010

on-line obessed

This week I am grabbing hold of my lowest level habit an internet obsession. I realize that for the past year or so I have spent entirely too much time on-line reading, planning, commenting and listening. What I really need is time off this chair, off the computer actively living. So the next seven days I plan to take more action.. I have forbidden myself to go on facebook and transformation because both of these sites draw me in and hours pass without my awareness. So yesterday was the first day it is a very hard habit to break so I enlisted my children, my husband and a few dear friends to help keep me honest. Today I feel a bit restless and feel like I NEED to go on these sites but I am staying strong.
Yesterday I ran 5.22 miles in 54 minutes I felt pretty good. I have had a "cold" with a wet cough for about 14 days now, so I have not been running like I had planned. Today I found a small window of opportunity to fly out the door between sideways rain and strong wind guts. I ran 3 miles then the head wind and rain came and I walked fast on the wet sand and enjoyed the storm.
Super Bowl Sunday I am running my first ever 10K I would love to finish under 1 hour but realistically under 1:15 would be great! I will be happy with doing my best and not focusing on the time. I will enjoy the actually running of the event and take it all in.

I feel this way about my up coming first ever 26.2 experience as well. The Los Angeles Marathon in about 60 days will also be all about enjoying the 26 historic LA sites. I want to see were I am running not stress about the time I get. I want to enjoy the process and just complete the marathon and feel good enough about it to want to sign up for another one.


Trail Boy said...

Stay strong. Facebook is evil. I'll light a candle for you.

Happy Duff said...

I totally agree with the online demon temptation. Good luck this Sunday with the 10 K. If nothing else, you'll look good because you can't look any other way! Show 'em how it's done. Jackie