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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tick Tock

MARCH 21, 2010 7:20am

I am feeling the pressure of this challenging goal. My first marathon is 67 days away...yikes! Note to self I said "my first marathon" so my future self must know that I survive to run others! Good to know because I am freaking out.

I got sick New Year's Eve with some damn virus that I can not shake. It started innocently enough. We were invited to a friends home to ring in the new decade,since I am an RN her teenage daughter disclosed her illness to me and asked me for my professional assessment of her throat. OK that is when the deadly transfer took place!

The illness started with a fever and sore throat and progressed to my current condition which is a wet productive cough. Sorry it is disgusting!

With this I have not done any long runs for two weeks, so there is my problem. I went to the doctor yesterday and after a examine he said I have a bad cold. I knew that already but now I have $40. less to buy running gear with, thanks Doc! He advised me that he would call in a prescription for me if I am not better by Thursday. So there goes another week

Well, today I just had to run I mean really HAD to run. So out the door I went I did 5 miles some soft sand a few hills and all in about 55 minutes. That felt good but I really need a long run this weekend. I will probably run 15 miles on Sunday.

The main reason I am freaked about 26.2 is the only other long race I have ever done was the Denver Half this past October. I had a bad experience with that I got leg cramps and had diarrhea. I did the run in under 3 hours but it was the single hardest thing I have ever done. So I ask myself why did you think that 26.2 would be a good idea? The answer is easy. I feel great when I run and I am getting in great shape! So with the calendar pages flying off comically fast I will continue to train so I can run 26.2!

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