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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is that wet stuff?

Los Angeles is getting a much needed slow soak today. I still have a cough that drives me and everyone within a city block of me insane. I mean REALLY coughing so hard I puke is that necessary? Can it please stop now? Are all the forces of the universe lining up to stop me from running? Hey out there please cut me a break. TICK TOCK!

MARCH 21, 2010 7:20am

So I need to run, no matter what so I am going to wait until noon to see if it stops if not I wont melt in the rain RIGHT?
I am really blessed I mean I have a sweet husband who loves me and is the most hardworking guy I have ever met in my life. There is nothing that he can not do once he sets his mind to it. He rode a double century in Santa Barbara up and down two mountain ranges! yikes that is determination. I should cross train on a bike so at some point I can go road biking with him.
I am so blessed to live in Los Angeles. It is the perfect place to live. You can stay active and outdoors 12 months a year so who am I to dare to complain about a much needed rain. Actually the weather here is nonexistent this rain is just a drizzle no wind no thunder or lightening. I grew up just outside of Cleveland so I know about weather and this drizzle, mist well it can not begin to be weather.

I have completely fallen off my training plan set up about 2 months ago. I need to regroup and plan out the next 66 days.

My long run schedule:
Jan 10 12 miles
Jan 17 14 miles
Jan 24 16 miles
Jan 31 - 18 miles

Feb 7 20 miles

Feb 14 20 miles (rehearsal run -wearing the same clothes as I will for marathon, run at same time of day)
Feb 21 16 miles

Feb 28 - 22 miles

then taper off race day is 3/21/10

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