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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

will I need to build an ark?

I was only half listening to the local news last night while getting ready for bed. I do not like the local TV news they always exaggerate the truth and the focus is always death, murder, disease and chaos. If I was unaware of their plan to hook me with hyperbole I just might freak out!. No worries however, I am on to their plan. So back to last night's news they said we are in for a week of weather of "Biblical proportions" So what the Hell should I take that to mean? I asked my husband if he could draw up plans and start working on building an ark. He has major woodworking skills so he can accomplish this no problem.
I woke up this morning and the sky was slate grey. There was no rain so I jumped into my running shoes and out the door I ran! Only real dedicated runners were to be found on the bike path to the pier and home today, and one guy who walks while holding a rosary he is always out there~maybe I should ask him to include my health in his morning prayer walk!
I got the run done and happy I did because here come the heavy rain now and whooooohooo is that lightening and thunder? So weird that this weatherless paradise is actually getting what I consider real weather.
So today as I am in this empty house (kids are at school and my sweetheart is off in the coal mines)I will not succumb to boredom or temptation and go near transformation.com or facebook. Instead I will make cauliflower soup and Guinness beef stew and go through some long neglected piles and clean up this space I call home.
As for the ark, I may need something that floats good thing Cassandra's surfboard is in the living room.

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