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Thursday, February 11, 2010

17 miles was so hard!

I decided to go for a 18 mile run today
I drank a protein shake filled my camelback with water tucked in my phone/ipod and a few pretzels and a pack of clif bar shot blocks (yum)
I felt great about 50 degrees and sunny perfect running weather. and my Garmin 305
plan was to run out along a bike path to 9 miles away then turn back voila 18 miles
well out the door I wen running 10-11 min/mile pace wrong wrong wrong toooooooo fast I would pay for this BIG time!!!!
around mile 7 I stopped to pee and ouch I had?? diaper rash minus the diaper?? ouch my underwear is chaffing me.
so anyway I went on to mile 8 in El Segundo I had to turn back no way to press on to mile 9 so I turned back feeling OK

I was hungry but dummy brought 3 pretzels?? and shot blocks all gone STARVING!! water does not provide fuel.
I walked and ran home barely surviving but I did it! 17 miles in 4 hours.

OK 26.2 miles is really playing with my brain if 17 was this difficult I am glad I still have more than 30 days to get ready.

OK breathe relax. eat I am starving!

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Trail Boy said...

You crossed into new territory by running four hours. A big, big step! Congrats. Enjoy the glow of another accomplishment on the way to a bigger one.

Meanwhile, yYou learn by doing. No one can teach you the most important things, like how to stay fueled, reduce chafing, keep pushing when you're tired. Next time you will know better. For now, these runs make great stories. Ever marathoner has dozens of them. Your own stories are always the most interesting!