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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 plans

today I ran about 6 miles down to Ruby's and back home up a big hill I usually walk the hill but today I ran it it was really hard I need more hill work the next 3 weeks no more long runs just hills and run 4 to 5 days out of every 7 days lots of stretching!

I am running another Marathon in June the San Diego Rock and Roll last night I was thinking about OK what is next and picked San Diego~ my husband said really why don't you do this one first~so funny in my mind this one is a done deal so I am thinking about the next one and the next and the entire year.

so 3/21 Los Angeles

After this Marathon I will see how I like this event and then decide what I want to do next but these plans are on my mind!

in April Joshua Tree hiking/camping

in May the 5K for Women Downtown Los Angeles

in June San Diego Marathon

in July/August Mammoth Lakes to train at elevation run/ hike/maybe bike?? and Zion National Park Utah to hike run and maybe bike

in Oct ?Denver Marathon? not sure this was fun but $$

in Dec Los Vegas Marathon for sure!!


Travelling Dave said...

I love the way you think! I start planning my next run about 2 months before the current one (am planning through October). Definitely recommend Mammoth training - I did it last summer and it felt great.

greydawn said...

Mammoth is so beautiful in summer running there last year was hard but I needed to try before my Denver Half, plus my husband loves to mountain bike there. I hope this year it will be easier to run at elevation with this year of marathon training runs under my proverbial belt.