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Monday, March 22, 2010

the best day ever!

aww its is now a memory could make me sad it was so fun training planning and running my first marathon!

I enjoyed every minute

from the 2:30 wake up the morning of the race
from my driving friend hitting the snooze and arriving 10 minutes late (thanks Andrea for sharing this day with me!)
to the empty dark parking lots in Santa Monica with pre-run racers gathering gear and sunscreening
to the endless row of luxury buses waiting to drive up to the Stadium
to the anxious chatter on the buses
to the wrong age listed on the runner bib
to the free breakfast and dark restful tents pre-race naps and last minute bathroom dashes
to the endless delay at the start to tales of runners parking and abandoning cars on the congested freeway
to the guy next to me who thought a pre race high was in order and smoked a joint? whatever dude LOL!
to the first mile walk because no one would move
to the interesting neighborhoods
to the water/power-aide volunteers ~THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to all the cheering crowds calling out your name~love runner's names on the Bib!
to the gooey stations slippery with dropped fruit and drink
to my dear husband who ran miles 24-26 with me~love you sweetheart that was beautiful!

to the day and all the support
so glad I picked Los Angeles as my first Marathon it was fantastic!
I smiled the whole way hills (schmills I did not mind them stinking hills at a pace of 13:40 who the heck feels a hill LOL!)

my goals were exceeded I set out to run 26.2 with no no no time goal and I just had the most fun ever jogging through interesting crowds/neighborhoods and saw the absolute best side of this amazing place I call home!!

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