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Saturday, March 20, 2010

freak out

race day eve freak out

-I will loose my way and get lost in Los Angeles the course wont be well marked and I will run so slow that I will get lost!

-advice is confusing! my friend wonders why I would dream of carrying a camelpack fill with water when every mile has water but I trained that way is it dumb?
~it is going to be hot I trained with compression capri length pants I will be too hot if I wear these...but I never run in just shorts hmmmm
~we are leaving home at 3am !! OK no sleep before I run because that means I get up at 2:15 to have coffee / bathroom/get ready YIKES way too early
~if I dont have a camelpac where will I carry stuff?
that settles it I trained long runs with camelpack and it is going with me tomorrow no matter how weird it looks!

many things to figure out

OK dinner is clear
whole wheat pasta and grilled mushrooms/peppers/asparagus/zucchini lots of water absolutely no alcohol and drop in bed around 9ish

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