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Thursday, March 18, 2010

See it in the new sun rising

from White Shadows by Coldplay

We're part of the human race and
All of the stars and the outer space
We're part of the system plan

All this noise, I'm waking up
And all the space, I'm taking up
I said I cannot hear you, you're breaking up

Maybe you get what you wanted
Maybe you stumbled upon it
Everything you ever wanted
In a permanent state

Swim out on a sea of faces,
The tide of the human races,
An answer now is what I need.

See it in a new sun rising
See it break on your horizon
Oh, come on love, stay with me...

post run feeling amazing last song of the run left me feeling inspired and happy

why I think that everyone should run~ a short time ago i was feeling blah and the effects of last nights St Patrick's Day beer still clouding my mind. I shook it off about 1/2 mile into my 6 mile run ~ and OMG it it beautiful here in paradise! I made a mental image of me scooping up the cool ocean breezes and saving them to release on myself during the marathon~crazy thought? so what i know when I feel overheated on Sunday and I go into my mind and release those cool salty breezes i will float for a minute on it!

also isn't everyone nicer when your running? I mean other runners always smile and wave....the world would be nicer if everyone started running.

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Sarah said...

I wished I lived near the beach! Runner are happy people...I run at a paved trail with lots of runners and walkers and most of the runners smile and wave. That is why I call running my free therapy. :)