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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Music on runs

evolution of my running playlist

a few years ago when I started running 1 mile was so long. I could not breathe. I ran/walked and mostly walked in reality. my music was anything to distract me from the pain I was feeling. playlist was pop music, whatever my kids had put on their ipods.

Then I wanted to run a little faster so I loaded my new Christmas gift of an ipod with techno/trance stuff the beat helped me go faster. That year I managed to get a little faster. But my runs were hit/miss because I was coaching a friend to run her first 5K and that slowed me down but it was fun run/walking and chatting with her, but she is not a morning person and was frequently late or no show that that running partnership was thankfully brief and once again I returned to ipod to keep me moving. This time I was mixing up pop/80's stuff and trance/techno....to say the least I was unfocused and confused.

in 2009 I decided to run the Denver Half marathon my first big long event so I had to push my runs longer. as I did this I slowed my pace down and found comfort in the music of my college days early 80's stuff was keeping me happy!

Then 2010 and I decided, well, I did a Half Marathon~no time like NOW to go for a Full Marathon since I am already training so I signed up for Los Angeles Marathon and started increasing my distance. Now the best music is musci from childhood~I am regressing!!! So The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd are excellent for long distance runs as well as some newer stuff like Modest Mouse(Float-on), Ingrid Michaelson ( be OK), Radiohead (jigsaws falling into place~I love this )and Sufjan Stevens.

I think no music is good as well. Music is a good distraction if the run is boring but if I head onto new runs or trails I like to hear the birds/waves and sound of my heart jumping out of my chest as I try to run up hills!!

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