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Thursday, April 1, 2010

out of frying pan into the fire

transplanted girl here but today I am Angeleno
could it be my obsession with running and the fact that I finished my first ever marathon recently? The beautiful 25th anniversary edition of Los Angeles Marathon was life changing for sure and maybe part of it. Could it be my new found curiosity with all things ~awareness~questioning all doctrines and figuring out what is true for me? Well OK maybe that is also a part of this change. Drinking protein shakes with kale and parsley OK weird probably not something I would be doing if I still lived in the midwest, but hey who knows?
No it is more than that not one thing instead a big shift in everything

I got tired of chewing my "green shakes" made in a blender and today I bought a juicer for $100 at Target. My teen aged girls recently started buying naked juice and while I am OK with that they could make juice from fruits and vegetables! The girls are both vegetarians the little one just recently got freaked out by meat and no longer likes it.

And now the weird part my husband is coming on board??? not sure really but he has the urge to own a business and while he played around with restaurants and bars~both of those felt low energy to me and I do not want a franchise~a flower store seemed bright and lovely but boring snooze fest!

so he was rattling off a list of area businesses for sale I jumped at one that sounded right up my alley. A little beach-style Budha shop selling all things spiritual from Budha to Christianity. Soaps, candles,beads, shells aromatherapy books of all kinds and it is not a franchise sounds fun and I am curious! so I guess living in flip flops all year long, drinking only bottled water, long daily mediations while running or walking at the beach and now juicing eating mostly vegetarian to potentially owning this adorable little spiritual type shop~it is official I am a Californian

I need to learn Yoga and become a Reiki healer~ coming soon!

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