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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I ran a negative split, I think!

23 days until San Diego!!

my run today

began at 0838 62 degrees barely any wind (finally) sunny, high tide with big waves=surfers galore
perfect running weather!!
out to pier 2.31 miles in 23:29 pace 10:11
back from pier 2.02 miles in 20:26 pace 10:06
then walked home .32 miles
I finally did it a negative split (I think) my run back from the pier was faster than my run to the pier!

no way I can keep that pace up though. I am really feeling tired and I only traveled 4.65 miles.

food today
0630 m1 pita with a thin slice of mortadella/provolone and a cup of coffee
1030 m2 whole wheat bread 1 slice with romaine lettuce and turkey meatloaf lots of water (post run)
1100 handful of red grapes
1300 1 egg scrambled+sprinkle of cheddar cheese+1/2 small pita tons of water
1530 scoop of butter pecan ice cream at baskin-robins with my daughter
1700 more grapes they are delicious!
1930 homemade pizza and a beer with my husband while watching the Cavs get killed~ Cleveland Rocks but when it comes to sports they are cursed!!

my brother John runs the Cleveland Marathon in Boston qualifying time this weekend anyone who care to throw some encouragement his way please drop by his blog he is a fantastic writer, runner, father and brother.....GO JOHN!! his blog is hitthetrails@wordpress.com

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