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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

25 days until San Diego Half!

my 2 teenage girls convinced me to let them stay home and avoid the first 2 classes today~I agreed if they would go for a run at the beach at sunset~so it is the plan!! school PE is so uninspired and I don't want my girls to think that exercise is boring. Imagine them running on the beach at sunset wind waves birds other runners sun setting into the Pacific inspiring way to toss a little happiness into their TV/Computer/cell phone lives!


0630 m1 whole wheat toast+peanut butter+coffee

0833 out the door for a run~ beautiful day 58 and breezy sun shining! I ran 3 miles and I ran up each ramp I came to as I ran to knob hill and down the next so hill work today made it interesting because I do not like hills! summary 3 miles in 33 minutes not too shabby considering the added hills and then once the endorphins were flowing I walked a mile to enjoy the high! beautiful way to start any day!!

1030 m2 vegetable soup and falafel with cucumber/thyme/yogurt sauce
1215 m3 Right Vanilla protein +frozen mixed berries=yummy
1300 cottage cheese(low fat) with 10 BBQ chips
1435 special K red berry (1 cup) and 1% milk 1/2 cup
1600 m4 skip ate a bunch not hungry
1800 m5thin sliced rib-eye grilled +homemade cabbage slaw+brown rice
2000 m6 popcorn (my homemade popped in a brown lunch bag in the microwave)+1 slice of cheese

I will go back later to update my food need to keep portions small and eat real food often and lots of water all day

my degree progression
yeah another class is history! got an A and it looks like I may graduate with honors~I am completing my BSN during my 50th year of life ~not the way most people do things but this is my life and It works for me just fine!

house/laundry are what weighs me down ~why the need to hold onto so many things? It is boring to clean and I wish Icould just throw it all away and live a much more simple life!

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Sarah said...

I agree with the too many things idea! Sometimes i feel like "stuff" takes up way too much of my time. Our neighborhood has a huge garage sale this weekend, so I am buys cleaning out closets and drawers trying to declutter a bit. :)