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Monday, June 7, 2010

I was spoiled by Los Angeles Marathon

San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon report

The drive to San Diego was 20- 40 mph the whole way: was all of Los Angeles heading to San Diego?
Camped at KOA in Chula Vista because most hotels were sold out downtown by the time I decided to book a room and a friend was staying there. It could have been OK except the cabins surrounding my cabin was a loud drinking all night party. live and learn.

My daughter's went with me and my 13 and 17 year old drove me to the start then for the entire morning they were parked somewhere along the route snapping photo's blasting music and encouraging runners~this was a first for them to see a marathon all the way from elite athletes to the last man crossing the finish line with cars nipping at his heals. They learned more about the human spirit than I could ever tell them. I am happy they experienced that!

The pre race I planned poorly no food or coffee prior to the run~what was I thinking? I forgot to apply sunscreen and got frizzle by the sun, I forgot chapstick and wish I didn't. I forgot gum but bummed some off of a nice lady in corral #26 standing next to me. I met up at the event with a few on-line friends but did not run with them I never saw them but they finished 1 minute behind me, makes me wonder if I was pacing them or if they even saw me right ahead of them...weird.

The run was hillier than I expected. The start was scenic past beautiful museums~that was it all down hill from there.
I was spoiled by Los Angeles Marathon. San Diego pales by comparison. Much of the race was on the freeway? eeewww yuck and tilted so my left hip started to hurt. really who wants to run on a freeway?

The race course was uninspired and kind of how I felt as well. And this was a "Rock and Roll" event?????? where was the music? I saw 3 or 4 bands the entire race at Los Angeles the music, crowds and route helped me float along all 26.2 miles I am officially spoiled. No event will ever compare to my first Marathon, kind of like your first true love, sigh.

The end of the race was into the parking lot by Sea World and this caused a huge problem~getting all those people back to downtown.......FAIL! the line for the bus was about 2 hours long in blazing sun.

OK end of whining.

I ran 2:47:53 knocking 5 minutes off my Half PR. I am OK with this, but it is miles away from 2:30. I wanted 2:30 but did not really train to get there I was hoping for magic I guess. and having bathroom breaks 2 times each Half for me kills my time with the lines~ why do I need to go so much in 2 hours?

Now it is summer and I think an excellent time to switch cardio to swimming. I will let you know how it goes.


Sarah said...

Congrats on your time...5 minutes is awesome!! Wow...2 hours to get a bus back is just crazy!! Did you get any pics?

Travelling Dave said...

Awesome job! The fact that you knocked off time on an uninspiring course means that you conquered a double challenge. Keep it up. (there are much better runs in SD!)