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Monday, June 21, 2010

Los Angeles Marathon 3/20/11

Whatever you focus on expands. I know when I was pregnant it seemed like everyone I was pregnant. When my kids were small I saw small kids everywhere and so on.

These days I am more focused on running and to be more specific a faster runner. You guessed it I keep meeting fast runners.
The other night I was at a crazy house party with about 300 17-18 year olds celebrating graduation from high school. A few of the parents stayed to help the party not get too wild and we were having a blast as well.

I met a guy and we started talking and a mutual friend said "oh you know she just ran the Los Angeles Marathon" I did not even bring it up someone else did. This other guy said wow really what was your time (a dead give away this guy is experienced) so I laughed and said "I finished, that was my goal to finish smiling; and I had a blast for 6 solid hours.... best day of my life!!!"

So he was trying to congratulate me and change the subject but I knew this guy was holding back so i marched head on. "so are you a runner?" I asked. The flood gates opened and for the next 2 hours the running stories were shared mostly of me bowing to his greatness!!! He ran Boston in 2:50 many years ago but could still give me a blow by blow (like no one but a kindred spirit, fellow Marathoner would appreciate) Mind numbing time 2:50 in Boston WOW!! I have to invite this couple over soon for wine and cheese (so I can continue to pick his brain)!!

He stopped running but my prodding seems to have rekindled a desire to lace up and hit the ground~he said he rides his bike now~wonder if he got injured???

Anyway exciting news.......LOS ANGELES MARATHON

Sunday, March 20th, 2011.

and I thought I would not run another marathon.........why not it was way too fun not to do it again right?????

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