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Thursday, June 10, 2010

need a new challenging goal

I feel great after a 5 mile run with a tough hill which I did not walk up!! I am improving on hills. Thankful for the June gloom because it is hard to run in hot sun.

My son just finished his first year at UCLA and is home for the summer. He was afraid he would not be able to handle the coursework at UCLA but then he adjusted and is did excellent! He is a Chemistry major, sounds tough to me but he loves it~minus the linear algebra! Last night he said a sad farewell to Saxon Suites and today he will probably sleep all day!

Summer is almost here and my 17 and 13 year olds are both graduating. It will be a fun summer with all the kids around. I love being a mom!

Today my husband said we are going to go ahead with redoing the front/back yards~huge amount of money but it all looks like hell so I am very happy about this! And once again we are looking at local businesses with serious thoughts of buying one. A lot of change going on here.

So what keeps me centered? Well I need a new challenging goal. Something big. So the process of choosing the next big thing begins. I need something that was as fun as Los Angeles Marathon. So any suggestions? I was considering swimming but have not yet gotten in a pool, not sure why, just don't want to I guess. I certainly do enjoy the post run high. my brain gets all lit up that is addicting. I am a junkie I guess.

Food chooses have been sloppy for awhile so I need to get back to fresh, real food~light simple small portions often all day to keep my metabolism burning red hot!

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