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Sunday, July 25, 2010

getting back on track

83 days until I run 13.1 in 2:30

with that said I had a few weeks of unscheduled rest.

my parents health and independence is currently at risk and they are not coping well with decisions about how to move forward.

my dad fell more than a month ago and that changed everything for them. I went to ground zero this past week and it was exhausting. while my dad is making slow progress at regaining mobility, the house they live in is too difficult for them to stay in but they will not make the necessary decisions to move forward they are frozen with fear of change or don't know how to make decisions and are abdicating responsibility to anyone brave enough to step forward....then they shoot down every suggestion.....

my current mindset has been derailed by their struggles, they are my parents.

yesterday I ran 5 miles in 1 hour and it felt excellent.
eating has been haphazard and this changes this second

starting this second my meals will be simple, fresh,local, small portions every 3 hours and water lots of water all day.

Last night we were tourists in our own city. we packed our 3 teens into our little BMW 330 and drove to Canter's Deli for dinner.
Pastrami Ruben and pickles (heart attack on Rye)
then we headed up the hill to Griffith Observatory to check out the full moon and the LA basin in lights
and we drove home through the packed streets through Hollywood.

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Jamie said...

good luck getting back on track! life has a way of knocking us off the track every once in awhile.