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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

still working

last week was a bust
I was very negative and grumpy 2 of the 5 days were 13 hour drives to and from Arcata, CA......not fun I do not enjoy 90mph as a passenger nothing fun about it. I am aware that I am a grump no fun to be around when I am not getting my daily runs in!
We did have fun checking out all the local food and breweries (as a result 3 pound gain)YIKES! back at my proper food/exercise plan NOW!!

the actual time in Arcata was fun sight seeing and exploring Humboldt State University where my oldest daughter is going to study Marine biology this Fall.

it was cool/damp up there among the giant trees. I love the Redwood forest it is amazingly peaceful and the air smells so good!
I never did a trail run (my left hip was acting achey) instead I exercised in the Hotel exercise room, which was not too bad!

I am still working towards 2:30 Half in Oct at Long Beach

today I ran my usual run from my house down to the bike path at mile 0 out to Redondo Pier and back home 4.94 miles but today I did not stop and rest at the pier i just powered through and right on back home! I felt great!

my youngest child is 13 and she just joined Cross Country at South High and is on day 2 of running! The brutal beginnings of no breath I want to quit everything hurts phase! I told her she is doing it and to journal or blog because it will never be this hard ever again. I make certain she is doing stretches and has proper shoes/socks the proper mindset is her choice I sure hope I have inspired her enough to power through!

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Sarah said...

Good luck to your daughter!! I still remember my first cross country season and the amazing feeling when I ran my first 5K. :)