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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

another annoying device!

Dear Scale,

You make me happy one day only to dash me into depression the next. Why are you so such a liar? Why do you torture me so?

I suppose I just don't understand yet that you give the honest truth in the moment but at the same time don't provide an honest assessment. Am I retaining a little extra water today? Did I perhaps lose a pound of fat and gain a pound of muscle? Am I weighing myself 4 times a day after meal and water consumption and then stressing about putting on weight? You really only tell me what my body weighs don't you? You don't tell me anything about what that weight is comprised of. You're so not nice.

I'm going to make a deal with you dear Scale. From this day forward I'm only going to visit you once a month and only first thing in the morning upon arising; prior to any food or liquid consumption. When my clothes are fitting more loosely but yet you're telling me there's no change ... well that's just a contradiction now isn't it?

No more dear Scale ... to the darkest corner of the closet you go until one month from today. I'm free at last ...

If you don't take control of your relationship with this device it will continue to control you and your emotions.
Sincerely....a woman who is changing for real!!


Travelling Dave said...

I found the best solution is to not own a scale. I visit a medical scale at the gym 2x a month, same day of the week (always Friday, never Monday), same time of day. I still obsess for a few minutes, but only twice a month!

JW said...

Love this, Sheridan!!