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exercise is my medicine. I run, swim, and lift weights anything to keep my body in top form. I am an RN, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I am grateful for my life and each new day. My PRs Los Angeles Marathon (March 22, 2010) - 6:00:03 San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon (June 6, 2010) - 2:47:53 Redondo Beach Superbowl 10K (Feb 2010) - 1:03 Redondo Beach Superbowl 5K (Feb 2009) - 27:31

Monday, August 16, 2010

symbolic dream

61 days until 2:30 Half in Long Beach!!
I will run 6 miles at sunset on the beach

weird dream recap

I knew that a cross country team was having a race that went through my house: in the back door through the living room and out the front door and concluded down the hill at the beach, but I locked the door because my house was messy and so much crap was in my house I had covered it like a mountain in my living room with a carpet. Then Bill Phillips came to the door and said why did you lock the door open it and let the teams race through. I was mortified but I did. Then he and a few others stayed and talked to me for a while about I don't remember what we talked about....OK weird dream. But thinking about it now. Kind of symbolic most likely to do with consealments. and truth Truth is my abyss~crossing into a place of calmness and self love.I work on this and am ever mindful of what my truth is.

61 days to my goal of a 2:30 Half Marathon. I am going to do this!!!

I am thankful for
being a mother of 3 teens
my life and health
my awareness of all that is important in life

today I broke free from my breakfast rut with a meal replacement bar instead of toast/peanut butter

I have not had a drink in 7 days! I need to remember to save alcohol for celebrations and vacations not an everyday thing that is just a lazy uninspired habit. I will be mindful of food choices all day. small simple often and loads of water!

packing and out of Los Angeles for 8 days going to Eureka, Ca and then Mammoth Mountain to run on trails/kayak in lakes and relax at the music festival in the fresh mountain air.

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