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Sunday, September 26, 2010

beautifully complex

life happens NOW. dont fear you are never alone... God is Real.
do not resist what is....it just is.... allow and be in the NOW.

listen and ask..... an answer comes...... you are guided in the flow of life....ask when you need.

Life is beautifully complex do not try to decipher it all.... just flow with it......... do not resist or try to comprehend all of its complexities.

make the best of where ever you are in life...no matter what you are where you are that is just a fact.

you can decide to fight it or find a thought that helps you enjoy the NOW

focus on allowing. Listen to your internal voice.

freedom only comes from the freedom from resisting what is..... Flow with life. find peace in what is....... because it just is. you choose your response to what is......it is your choice.

I never feel better than when I am outside in nature, on the wet sand watching the full moon setting over the Pacific this morning listening to the waves crash the gulls crying the smell of the salt air the others out jogging in the cool morning.

I always know the happiness I look for is always available to me in its many forms...outside in nature I am filled with joy.

Nature can be
a sparse barren desert hot and dry
a beautiful tree alive and changing throughout the seasons
a beach
a mountain lake
a meadow
warm sun
damp fog

I find joy outside in nature. I find joy allowing energy to flow through me as I run. I choose to my response to what is.

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JW said...

Love it - thanks for inspiring! ;)