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Saturday, September 11, 2010

long run taught me some valuable lessons

long run today as I prepare for 13.1 in Long Beach mid October
I ran 10 miles in 2 hours not too shabby but I really have not learned much from my last marathon training the question is WHY?

first half was 5.02 in 54.25 pace of 10:50/mile

then my ipod died.
I like my music especially on long runs my new ipod is glitchy randomly turns off. nothing I could do about that.

ran with no food/water so I ran out of steam
why would I dare to leave the house for a 10 mile run with no snacks or water what the HELL was I thinking Of course I would fizzle out on the return trip...and yeah I even forgot money so got to smell food cooking at various locations and just keep running as starving as I was.

and oops forgot bodyglide inner thighs are screaming~sweat + raw skin=ouch.
I need to go to Lucy in Manhattan today and get more skin protection This can not be my excuse in Long Beach

OK this is all a beautiful lesson to myself on what is a bad idea. If I learned from today all this crap I endured was so worth it!!

And running on 9/11 made me pause and be gratful for this beautiful place I live and the freedom to be who I am. I hold the intention of world peace in my heart today. wouldn't that be amazing if we could all live in peace? My middle child is at a peace rally in San Fran. today~ I will not allow terrorist to harden my heart or make me hateful Today I pray for Peace.

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