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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

trails are challenging

I ran a hilly trail in Palos Verdes this morning. The trail was deep with loose sand and dirt in sections other areas where spongy from freshly strewn wood chips. The air smelled fresh and the trees were nice relief from the Fall heat we are getting this year.
It has been along time since I ran up any hills or trails, my typical run is the bike path out to Redondo Pier and back home. I was inspired to run this morning after reading Dave's blog www.wonderfulworldofdave.com

The goal of my run today was NOT TO STOP. This is a lesson I learned training for Los Angeles Marathon last year. No matter what just keep moving in the direction of your goal, in this case a very steep hill, no matter how slow you go just keep pushing and you will get there. So with that in my mind I ran the entire way up that long steep trail and back home, about 4.5 miles. I feel great. I did what I set out to do. Another lesson I learned last year is to challenge yourself. throw out some challenging goals and go for them it keeps life interesting.

thoughts while I ran

trust faith it is a parachute when life gets hard to decipher trust that each challenge is there to teach you a lesson, make you stronger dig deeper find beauty.

smile you have the power to change someone's day. a smile is free it connects us it is a simple loving gesture. out on the trail runners smile to each other~ the simple stuff is what counts. smile.

and at the end of the trail run I realized my shoes were now officially trail shoes~note to self time to buy another pair of running shoes YEAH!!!


Travelling Dave said...

Great job - and thanks for the shout out. I quickly learned trail runners are by far the nicest group of people I have ever met. They keep me coming back!

Trail Boy said...

Looks like a great trail. Hope you enjoyed it. Can't wait for my next trail race.