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exercise is my medicine. I run, swim, and lift weights anything to keep my body in top form. I am an RN, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I am grateful for my life and each new day. My PRs Los Angeles Marathon (March 22, 2010) - 6:00:03 San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon (June 6, 2010) - 2:47:53 Redondo Beach Superbowl 10K (Feb 2010) - 1:03 Redondo Beach Superbowl 5K (Feb 2009) - 27:31

Sunday, October 31, 2010

memories of home

My parents are selling their home of over 50 years and moving into a more practical space. My sister asked us each to write a page of memories that she could share when she helped my parents close the front door for the last time.
I am flooded with memories of my childhood and the place that to me will always be home, safe, warm accepted
3592 Lindholm Shaker Hts, Ohio is part of who I am.
My first memory was climbing into the house through the milk shoot and tumbling down the basement stairs.

I remember Nancy teaching me how to float in the wading pool in the backyard, also her teaching me how to shiver so we would be allowed inside.

I remember the circle swing and the epic tale of how I became airborn while jumping rope on top of the picnic table while I forget who was swinging and the jump rope got caught in the swing and we flew….mostly I remember Mom telling that tale to everyone on the phone.

I remember walking stills and trying to balance on a unicycle and wanted to have a circus.

I remember the clothesline with swimsuits that were never quite dry as we grabbed them to head out to swim team (hoping that the thermometer out the kitchen window would please read less than 60 degrees so practice would be cancelled.

I remember watching Rob build the sailboat and test the small motor in a can of water.

I remember twirling on the front lawn and flopping down to watch the world spin looking up through the beautiful big tree.

I remember dishes night when I got left over stuff that was “soaking” from whoever was the night before.

I remember my end of the couch where my presents would be on Christmas…..magical Christmas morning with the beautifully lit tree and everyone so happy.

I remember the cool train and the fold down cabinet in the basement, roller skating the winter days away playing school and house forever with my brothers and sisters.

The attic with hidden treasures and place to hide out and learn with no one to bother me, freezing winter I slept up there.

The house with one bathroom (who needs privacy?) we all made it work somehow.
The endless hours listening to my record player in my bedroom creating dances, Ginny reading the troll book and discussing life with me (I adored her!), John reading in the hot attic and going on long talk/walks with me way past midnight, Rob finding cool TV and let me watch, Sibyl teaching me how to sew (she left me too soon, I missed her), Beth reading at dinner for the millionth time Mouse and the Motorcycle and getting peel face masks that were green, Margy getting dressed up to go out dancing and chatting while on cross country runs, helping Tommy do long division on the dinning room table, playing with Katie and Tommy when I got home from school ( I left them both too soon).
I remember Mom a true morning person sitting at the dinning room table eager to greet you with a smile and a hug over coffee and toast, preparing beautiful traditions for each holiday where did she find the energy? living room filled with buddy burners and camping gear as she headed the girl scout troop. She was never too tired to listen and always make you feel like talking forever especially in the kitchen!

I remember Dad working long hours into the night in the seasonal deskroom supporting his large family, endlessly repairing windows, having cool tools in the basement on the workbench. always tidying up the bathroom each morning after he used it. He taught me to leave a place better than you find it.

The sunrise on the driveway the sunset through the kitchen/deskroom windows.

The beautiful house I that will always be home in my mind. filled with the happy, sad, mad, lonely, sweet, bitter memories of childhood.

The dinners and each having a spot to sit at the big table childhood was so free to come and go as I pleased I felt the world was safe and I could do anything I wanted to.

my plan

just back from my run
out and back Redondo Beach Pier 5 mi 00:51 10:11 pace
great running weather!

my plan for the 2 months:
small frequent meals no junk only 10 free days until New Years Day

run 3 days/week (Tues/Thurs/long run either Sat or Sun depends on work schedule)
weights upper body Monday, Weights lower body Wed
yoga Friday

10 days relax eat drink and be Merry!
free days are all long run days and and 12/6 book club Christmas party! Thanksgiving, Christmas

Saturday, October 30, 2010

weekend and working

I am off to work again. I love my co-workers~really do they are the best and make going to work bearable.

My son is home this weekend from UCLA this is family weekend and he would rather be home relaxing with his little sister and parents. I am happy because that means I get to see him! School is pretty competitive for him so being home is comfortable.

I woke up in the middle of the night and listened to the rain pouring and loved the sound..... this morning when I went out to get the paper it was windy and clear I saw the beautiful star filled sky again! What a treat:a pitch black sky filled with stars! That is 2 mornings in a row I got to see the vastness of the universe!! I really need to go camping somehow inside our comfortable homes with all our things we miss out on true beauty. When my daughter came home a few weeks ago from Humboldt she said "Mom it never gets dark here I tried to see the stars but the sky never really got dark."
I think she found her home in Arcata, Ca she loves the wilderness the Redwoods, the rivers and the vegan lifestyle up there.

Happiness to a mom is when her kids find there place in the world.

Tomorrow I will write down my plan for the next few months.

Friday, October 29, 2010

marathon training

sky so clear and dark so many beautiful stars~I could get used to running at this hour~magical!

figuring out when to run when I no longer get the luxury of so much free time is my new reality

I am working more hours with 2 kids away in college and 1 more on her way and oh yeah I am a lifelong student in college myself

anyway I need to write down my training plan for these months prior to the marathon so I see when I will potentially run

I can no longer just see what works too much wiggle room leads to procrastination which is my lowest level habit.

This weekend the plan will get written~to help hold myself accountable and stay on track

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I signed up for Los Angeles Marathon 3/20/11. I am investigating training plans I want to run
3 days/week
2 days/week lifting weights and
2 days/week yoga.

I will develop a training plan this weekend and then stick with it 100% NO EXCUSES!

I am kind of bummed my new shoes seem to be the problem. i think they are a bit too tight last weekend when I ran 12 miles my left foot by my toes went numb. I don't have the $ to buy a new pair of shoes again so I might have to use my old shoes and maybe by Christmas get new running shoes that actually fit. Money is a bit tight I guess it is everywhere so I wont complain!

today I am thankful for my health and family and my Marathon goals which are always in my mind distracting me from otherwise ordinary days!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

it is available to you

went for my "usual run" out and back to Redondo Beach Pier
5 miles in 55 minutes
something is feeling tight in the left hip
need to use my foam roller and take it easy
why I run: note to self.

I have borderline depression and running actually lights up my brain I love the endorphins that flow and brighten my outlook,
with that fact clearly out there,
I must remember to run and train to run and train another and another day
do not push the pace that is EGO
run because it is good medicine it allows my day's choices with regard to food and activity to be more healthy

today is summer
warm sun
huge playful waves tossing surfers and spray high in the air

happiness yours for the taking right about 40 minutes into exertion~don't just sit there GO outside and live!

Monday, October 25, 2010

beautiful Monday

mind rambling~ went to Knott's haunt last night 7-1am with my youngest and her 3 best friends for her 14th birthday party it was fun with monsters and mazes and downside it rained the entire time but we still had fun the rain added to the atmosphere. the best was the log ride we were so wet from the rain it really did not matter that we got wetter kind of a blast! then the girls spent the night the non-stop chatter fills the house. I love being a mom.

yesterday I ran 12 miles in about 2:30~then 5 hours wondering around in the rain at the amusement park my legs are kind of trashed today.

So I will walk and mediate at the beach

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Run a marathon? what a novel idea!

Our biggest enemy when it comes to accomplishing any goal is ourself our own bad habits. We habitually do the same things over and over.In order to accomplish something new and exciting, new activities, new actions and new habits must be established.
We MUST create new thoughts, new beliefs, new actions and new habits. This and only this will create new results.

I am focused in on running Los Angeles Marathon. Last year I had to the goal of finishing the marathon since it was my first ever 26.2.
I loved the marathon last year. it was amazing I finished! (in 6 hours, but my goal was to have fun enjoy the process and to finish) I did have to walk some spots because my legs cramped and I got really tired especially in the VA complex OMG that complex seemed to drag on foerver and runners were dropping like flies all around me....I just keep telling myself keep moving do not let those people flopping down on the grass affect you keep moving the finish line only gets closer IF you keep moving towards it !!

This year I want to run the entire 26.2 miles. I wonder what my time will be maybe 5:15?? I dont know but my goal is to run the entire 26.2. With that goal before me I will need tons and tons and tons of training (this is the fun part!!!!)

Redondo Beach Pier 5 mi 00:45 08:58 pace
felt good, grey skies but no rain

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

roadmap to health

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
–Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

new plan 6 days/week
1 day per week is 100% free day eat and drink whatever I want!
FREE DAY will be chosen each Sunday looking ahead at the week

eat 4 small healthy meals evenly spaced out throughout my waking hours
no chips/fried food/soda/alcohol/no sour cream/no cheese/no fast food
drink lots of water and freshly brewed tea

run 3 days/week
lift weights 2 days/week
yoga 1 day/week
1 day free day rest or run or walk or whatever I feel like!

the key is focus on the goals
set challenging goals that excite and motivate

~ GET HEALTHIER loose 15 pounds and 4 inches off my belly
~ RUN LOS ANGELES MARATHON BETTER THAN LAST YEAR (last year I ran 6:00 so this year I am shooting for 5:30 or better.)

plan the week on Sunday for food/exercise

be mindful
mediate daily

Monday, October 18, 2010

rain rain go away

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." Ford

I am training to run Los Angeles Marathon in March
running in the cooler, wet months can be a challenge 50's with rain may have felt wonderful when I used to live in Ohio....but I am spoiled with beautiful Los Angeles almost non-weather.

So I need to stay focused and remember I won't melt in rain and plan my runs and go do them no matter the weather.

I was sick and my kids came home this weekend from college (I probably have infected both campuses now!)
It rained all weekend and I did not run since last week
this morning it is 58 and rainy again and I decided to lift weights and let the cold go away

but it really got me thinking it could rain a ton this year and I am running a marathon in a few months so I need to forget about staying inside if it rains or I will not be ready in March.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Long Beach Half is tomorrow and still feeling conflicted about this race.
I just went down to get my running bib and race day shirt and I want to run!!
It is a beautiful course~the weather is perfect 60's with a misty drizzle!
But my daughter is only here today and leave tomorrow at 12 noon I would rather see her than run~so it is settled I wont go but my heart will be there~ I will wake up early and run my own private 13.1 with my Garmin 305 on Tuesday morning to see what my time is for a 13.1. I will consider this training for Los Angeles Marathon!

I love the energy of a group of runners gathered together. I just got back from Long Beach Convention center race expo.
so much anticipation in the air and a bunch of nasty tasting energy bars~YUCK!

I scored a new pair of running shoes.....OK Los Angeles Marathon here I come again. 155 days of training! I enjoy this process so much~ I am becoming running obsessed! I went to Los Angeles Marathon with a friend who ran the first LA MARATHON 25 years ago and she told me I was lucky. I asked why she said "you just got into running at 50 years old, you dont have any chronic joint pains no stress from years of running many events you will probably still be running when you are 80!" I think she is right!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 things

Ten things to say yes to:
Green vegetables.
People who make you laugh.
A goal or dream that won't go away.
Being in nature and getting fresh air.
Sitting in sunlight.
Spontaneous hugs.
An invitation that feels exciting and scary at the same time.
More rest than you think you need.
Moving your body.
An open door that feels like an act of grace.

Ten things to say no to:
Conversations with people who constantly drain your energy.
Negative thoughts.
The inner critic who tells you to play it safe.
Pushing yourself to do more when you feel tired.
Unhealthy guilt or shame.
A request that immediately causes you stress.
Second helpings when you feel full.
More work when you already have a full plate.
Living life from the neck up.

Ten things that contribute to a great life:
An ability to laugh at yourself and others.
A home that nurtures your soul.
A loving partner to share the details of daily life with.
The good sense to back out of arguments that never go anywhere.
Good friends who mirror the truth with love.
The ability to say "I'm sorry."
Becoming adept at feeling your feelings and trusting them.
A daily ritual of gratitude.


My daughter is coming home this weekend from Humboldt State University. I miss her terribly and can't wait to hug her. She is coming home 9pm Friday and heading back Sunday at noon. That is so short!! I will barely get to see her but I can't wait.

I was conflicted because I am signed up to run Long Beach Half Marathon.
That will mean driving to Long Beach Friday to get my race day gear and walking up early heading to run the Half and possibly not seeing her at all on Sunday.

So this is made me think WHY do I run events???

I sign up for races to keep me focused on a challenging goal. I know that while it may be easy to just skip a run somedays....I don't feel like making the effort. But with an event coming I know I better head out the door so I am ready come race day.

With that all said I am ready for Long Beach Half but I won't be there.
I will be hugging my baby that morning. I will run my own private Half. I will wake up and run on the bike path early before my baby wakes up to see what my time is for 13.1 unofficially.

I have already set a new goal Los Angeles Marathon in March.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes I will!

with 11 days and some odd hours until Long Beach Half Marathon I ran a nice 5 miles and while I was running and listening to some of my favorite music I realized I love this! I really love waking up each morning getting my running shoes on and floating along for about an hour. It is the happiest time of day.

music today was Bowie, Stones, Beatles.

Then around mile 3 I decided YES I will run Los Angeles Marathon again!

Congratulations! You are now entered into the 2011 Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss.

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Race Start: 7:24am
Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, CA

I enjoy the process I thrive on it in fact.

So no post event lag (Long beach is 11 days away) I will hop skip and jump headlong into the next BIG thing!

BECAUSE I CAN! I so enjoyed the process last year of planning my runs up to the big epic day...and then the day came and it was more than words could describe.

ok now I get to buy new shoes for real!
I am thinking that each mile of the marathon will be devoted to a favorite musician I will have my own private Rock and Roll event on my ipod! (by the way I despise Rock and Roll Marathons due to yucky sticky San Diego event)

Monday, October 4, 2010

grey Monday

12 days until Long Beach Half Marathon. I will run 3 days this week.

rainy grey Monday.
looking within to find answers
I am alive with health and able to move my body
I have a kitchen full of food and need to limit my consumption.
I get to share what I have because I have more than most.
I have a sexy strong husband who works hard and supports me
I get to be called Mom by three teenagers all trying to find their purpose in life
I get to gently direct them to look within for their direction
grateful I am aware of all I have
abundance is a gift to be shared

happiness comes from within
grateful I know where to look.

5.5 mile run yesterday
still in thinking stages .....should I run Los Angeles Marathon again this year.....leaning heavily towards YES I will decide soon.
today weights and yoga
food simple local fresh no sugar added to anything
tea is my new wine, having fun with food pairings. green tea with sushi for lunch. white tea over ice with dinner and sleepytime tea at 8pm