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Friday, October 29, 2010

marathon training

sky so clear and dark so many beautiful stars~I could get used to running at this hour~magical!

figuring out when to run when I no longer get the luxury of so much free time is my new reality

I am working more hours with 2 kids away in college and 1 more on her way and oh yeah I am a lifelong student in college myself

anyway I need to write down my training plan for these months prior to the marathon so I see when I will potentially run

I can no longer just see what works too much wiggle room leads to procrastination which is my lowest level habit.

This weekend the plan will get written~to help hold myself accountable and stay on track

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JW said...

I am glad you are keeping up with your blog. I miss the daily accountability a little. I need a plan, too, as my schedule is changin' up big time. I will be looking for your plan and accountability! ;)