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Sunday, October 31, 2010

memories of home

My parents are selling their home of over 50 years and moving into a more practical space. My sister asked us each to write a page of memories that she could share when she helped my parents close the front door for the last time.
I am flooded with memories of my childhood and the place that to me will always be home, safe, warm accepted
3592 Lindholm Shaker Hts, Ohio is part of who I am.
My first memory was climbing into the house through the milk shoot and tumbling down the basement stairs.

I remember Nancy teaching me how to float in the wading pool in the backyard, also her teaching me how to shiver so we would be allowed inside.

I remember the circle swing and the epic tale of how I became airborn while jumping rope on top of the picnic table while I forget who was swinging and the jump rope got caught in the swing and we flew….mostly I remember Mom telling that tale to everyone on the phone.

I remember walking stills and trying to balance on a unicycle and wanted to have a circus.

I remember the clothesline with swimsuits that were never quite dry as we grabbed them to head out to swim team (hoping that the thermometer out the kitchen window would please read less than 60 degrees so practice would be cancelled.

I remember watching Rob build the sailboat and test the small motor in a can of water.

I remember twirling on the front lawn and flopping down to watch the world spin looking up through the beautiful big tree.

I remember dishes night when I got left over stuff that was “soaking” from whoever was the night before.

I remember my end of the couch where my presents would be on Christmas…..magical Christmas morning with the beautifully lit tree and everyone so happy.

I remember the cool train and the fold down cabinet in the basement, roller skating the winter days away playing school and house forever with my brothers and sisters.

The attic with hidden treasures and place to hide out and learn with no one to bother me, freezing winter I slept up there.

The house with one bathroom (who needs privacy?) we all made it work somehow.
The endless hours listening to my record player in my bedroom creating dances, Ginny reading the troll book and discussing life with me (I adored her!), John reading in the hot attic and going on long talk/walks with me way past midnight, Rob finding cool TV and let me watch, Sibyl teaching me how to sew (she left me too soon, I missed her), Beth reading at dinner for the millionth time Mouse and the Motorcycle and getting peel face masks that were green, Margy getting dressed up to go out dancing and chatting while on cross country runs, helping Tommy do long division on the dinning room table, playing with Katie and Tommy when I got home from school ( I left them both too soon).
I remember Mom a true morning person sitting at the dinning room table eager to greet you with a smile and a hug over coffee and toast, preparing beautiful traditions for each holiday where did she find the energy? living room filled with buddy burners and camping gear as she headed the girl scout troop. She was never too tired to listen and always make you feel like talking forever especially in the kitchen!

I remember Dad working long hours into the night in the seasonal deskroom supporting his large family, endlessly repairing windows, having cool tools in the basement on the workbench. always tidying up the bathroom each morning after he used it. He taught me to leave a place better than you find it.

The sunrise on the driveway the sunset through the kitchen/deskroom windows.

The beautiful house I that will always be home in my mind. filled with the happy, sad, mad, lonely, sweet, bitter memories of childhood.

The dinners and each having a spot to sit at the big table childhood was so free to come and go as I pleased I felt the world was safe and I could do anything I wanted to.

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