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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Run a marathon? what a novel idea!

Our biggest enemy when it comes to accomplishing any goal is ourself our own bad habits. We habitually do the same things over and over.In order to accomplish something new and exciting, new activities, new actions and new habits must be established.
We MUST create new thoughts, new beliefs, new actions and new habits. This and only this will create new results.

I am focused in on running Los Angeles Marathon. Last year I had to the goal of finishing the marathon since it was my first ever 26.2.
I loved the marathon last year. it was amazing I finished! (in 6 hours, but my goal was to have fun enjoy the process and to finish) I did have to walk some spots because my legs cramped and I got really tired especially in the VA complex OMG that complex seemed to drag on foerver and runners were dropping like flies all around me....I just keep telling myself keep moving do not let those people flopping down on the grass affect you keep moving the finish line only gets closer IF you keep moving towards it !!

This year I want to run the entire 26.2 miles. I wonder what my time will be maybe 5:15?? I dont know but my goal is to run the entire 26.2. With that goal before me I will need tons and tons and tons of training (this is the fun part!!!!)

Redondo Beach Pier 5 mi 00:45 08:58 pace
felt good, grey skies but no rain

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Jamie said...

Yea for another marathon! good luck with your goal of running the entire 26.2 in LA!