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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

marathon running similar to motherhood

I ran again today my ordinary run from my house down to the bike path out and around Redondo Pier and back home. Last year my mid week run was half that I guess I am getting more consistent and the miles are easier now.

I plan to run 2 ordinary runs and 1 long run each week. no matter how cloudy, windy, rainy, busy or tired I am. This way I will be ready for the many miles of the marathon.

This week is super busy and so that is why 2 mid weeks runs are done now and just long run scheduled for Saturday.

Thanksgiving week super fun to have my college aged kids home~they bring me so much happiness! I love being a mom even though it is the hardest thing I have ever done.....besides run a marathon!!

Comparing motherhood to marathon running now that should be interesting.
My first child taught me that I did not before ever understand what love was. The love a parent has for each of her children can not be put into words. I Had my second child 18 months later, when I forgot how difficult the process was.....hahah kind of like now I am going for my second marathon. I am filled with the memories of the joy I got from training for and completing my first marathon, but it is far enough away that I mostly forget the VA complex and miles 20-23 those were brutual!!
oooopppsss I should not think ever again of those torturous miles!

This year I will be better prepared I will get all my runs in and learn along the way

for example
water is essential (even if I HATE carrying it!!) on long runs
food is critical (GU, candy corn, granola bars)
avoiding alcohol the night before a long run
layering clothes ( do not overdress)
glide to prevent chafing
Garmin to keep it real!!
ipod to distract me if needed (less and less these days)
picking new routes to keep me interested
this year try long runs on the actual course, last year I wanted to be surprised
money in case I need to buy food
strong mindset weekly planning and staying on track with pushing the long runs out a mile/week
yoga on free days
core work to prevent injury

ok now I really need to write that dang paper, my daughter is over at UCLA visiting her friend who just had a bone marrow transplant from his sister, he has ALL. My next door neighbor is at Cedars Sinai neuro ICU she has a glioblastoma and had tumor de-bulking yesterday. This awareness of cancer all around makes me be THANKFUL for my health, and able body! I am acutely aware that nothing is forever but I am thankful for today!

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