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Thursday, November 11, 2010

my check up

50 year physical
5'8" 143#

97.6 50 12 90/60

glucose 89 nl (70-110)
triglycerides 98 (nl>150)
total chol 197 (nl<200)
HDL 74 (nl >40) Doctor said WOW these numbers are excellent you may want to frame these labs!!!!
LDL103 (nl <30
chol/HDL ratio 2.7
hgb 14.2 (nl 11-15)
kidney and liver tests are normal

HS-CRP 10.8 ***very high most likely due to inflammation not heart disease recommended fish oil capsules (sounds gross will give it a try.)
after discussion with MD may be related to marathon training causing stress/inflammation referred to outpatient physical therapist for proper stretching routines

looks like I am on the right path I am excited to go to physical therapy to see what new things I might learn about what may help keep me running until I am 90!!

today I ran my usual mid-week 5 mile out/back to Redondo Pier. It was beautiful sunny with a nice breeze mid 60's best running weather ever!!!
food choices get poor with candy hanging around the house and I don't even really like candy more of an impulse grab and gobble.
need to stay focused on bringing the weight down about 5-10 pounds so that my knees don't get pounded running.

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