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Monday, December 6, 2010

each minute is a gift

~shop for produce
~soak beans for crock-pot chili tomorrow

~big batch cooking today
pumpkin protein pancakes
grill fish for fish taco
grill chicken for salads
make vegetable soup
steam big pot of brown rice
hard boil eggs
sprout mung beans

Monday~4 hilly trail walk and core workout
Tuesday ~5 mile run
Wednesday~lower body weights Work
Thursday~5 mile run
Friday~upper body weights Work
Saturday~long run day more than 10 miles BRING WATER YOU IDIOT!!
Sunday ~rest yoga Work

My son called me last night very shaken to the core. His beloved physics professor had died suddenly. This was terribly shocking to my son, and in reality to me as well. Life is a gift. We never know how long we have to enjoy it. I told my son to be thankful he had a chance to get to know this amazing professor and to live his life making each moment count because we never know do we? So today I will be thankful for my son's chance to have known and and have really loved this amazing man (who I don't know) I am thankful that this man touched my son's heart and I am thankful for the inspiring professor's at UCLA! Today is a gift I will honor it with mindful actions and deepest respect.

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JW said...

I am sorry for your son's loss. Those moments that shake us change us forever, don't they? I am glad he had you to talk with through it all.

I am going to do a big batch cooking this week, too, so I am prepared during my work week next week. :) I am rolling along... and you had a big part in that, Chicka!!! Thank you!!!!