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Thursday, December 30, 2010

just get out there

ever had a run that was hard every single step of the way.
ever just want to stop but you dont
that was my run today
day 5 of Jury duty dismissed again= free day so naturally a run day right?
glance outside it is windy and cold (OK California cold)

my husband took the Garmin (we share it) and went out layered up for a tough bike ride, his exercise around Palos Verdes
my son (a 19 year old ex-XC high school runner) put on shorts/tee and out the door he went to run ( runs fast and has a super strong mind no stinking wind would stop him!)

How could I not run? it looked windy cold back to bed looked better.

Then I remembered. when I run I feel more energized so I went out.

So cold and windy felt like I did not wear enough clothes (but remember I always overdress) So I ignored my whiny voice and ran. The sun was shinning. Many runners also out there.

But it never got easy. each step felt uphill and legs felt like I had cement shoes.

I am back home. Happy I got my run done even though........wind,cold,lazy. I did it yeah me!

Before I sleep tonight I will have a written plan for these weeks prior to Los Angeles Marathon.

So what are you avoiding today?  I hope my agony and triumph over my lazy self encourage you to do something hard. Because you can!


JW said...

Those are the days that make us, right? Celebrate! :) I had a lazy day, too.. rainy, cold... rain!! Rais is wrecking my snow-base for cross country skiing. :( Oh well, can't argue reality.. got on the indoor bike instead. It did feel better to do than not do. I have to remember this... rinse and repeat. lol

JW said...

and thanks so much for taking captcha off.. yay... so much easier to respond! ;)

T said...

yeah, way to go! i have been there ... the runs when your body had NO interest in participating. but my favs were getting runner's high during a light, misty rain that kept me cool.

lil' bro
former 10k runner

J. Parry-Siegfried said...

Gosh, Sheridan, I admire your discipline and focus. Given my current lack of "transformation," I'd have gone back to bed, but in the new year I plan to have inspiring posts like this to share. You're my "star" for the end of 2010. Hugs and Happy New Year.