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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

success breeds more of the same

In 2006 I quit smoking this time for good. I had smoked off and on since I was a kid. I will never smoke again. How you ask? I just stopped that’s how. It is pretty simple. Just take action.

In 2008 I ran my first 5K. It was hard. I could barely run 1 mile without gasping for air, but my husband and son were signed up and running my competitive spirit wanted to join in on the fun. The next year I ran the same 5K again and a new habit was born. I love the Redondo Beach Super bowl 5K!

Last year I ran my first 10 K, my first Half Marathon. This year I ran my first Marathon and I am signed up now for my second. Why you ask? I love the process and the energy running gives me.

Last year I started eating mindfully. I had never had a problem with weight as a child. As 5th of 9 children growing up in the 60-70’s with no TV I loved to play outside all day food was not something that I gave much thought to. My family had a tight budget and so food was a grab and go out to play. We did not have too much access to junk because we had no extra money. My typical diet growing up was an apple for breakfast, lunch a few bites of peanut butter and jelly with chocolate milk, dinner was a serving of some casserole thing and milk snacks were apples, homemade soup, popcorn. No soda no chips. If I had babysitting money I spent on candy. I never had a problem until about 2007 or so I was stay at home mom to three children who were all now in school I got bored, lazy and late 40’s. I ate tons of fast food I was addicted to Diet Pepsi and McDonald’s. Then I started running and I had to eat better. Running was the catalyst for change. Running woke me up and made me aware of my bad eating habits.

In 2008 I read Body for Life and Eating for Life and joined transformation.com
I stopped drinking diet soda I stopped eating McDonald’s (and most all fast food makes me feel ill for hours so I avoid it) I learned how to eat simple lean protein and lots of vegetables and whole grains every 3 hours all day long so I don’t ever get hungry and I feel great. I look ahead to the month and choose 4 days that are 100% free choice days and I eat whatever I want on those days.

I limit alcohol to my four free days per month. End of story. I do not like the effects alcohol has on my energy level the next day, but I still enjoy a cold beer or a nice glass of red wine with my friends. This new system works well for me.

I will graduate with my BSN this May. I made the choice to get my degree and am sticking to it. I will graduate at 50 years old. I am so proud of myself for not quitting. I used to be a quitter and very lazy. If things were hard or required planning or follow through….well forget about it. Count me not there. How you ask? One class after another, one paper, one project, one clinical day at a time until one day you have arrived at your goal. Just like running a marathon. One foot in front of the other and eventually if you don’t lie down in the grass in the Veteran’s Complex of the Los Angeles Marathon you will make it I promise. The trick is set some big exciting challenging goal then get to it one step at a time. Find a few friends doing something hard to and help each other get there!

This year I learned to mediate. Why you ask? I was awake now remember. No longer a slug eating fast food and drinking daily. I became aware. That changed my life. Long runs and mediation go hand in hand. Maybe its all the free mood lifting chemicals my body is now producing. I am not sure but now I enjoy mediation. I was raised a Catholic and not sure where that fits into my life right now. I am not into rituals I find joy in simple things and being love. I find joy in running.

I still have a ton of new goals accomplish.
I will run my second marathon in less than 100 days!
I plan to to de-clutter my house and learn to keep things neater.

Having goals is also important I never had actual goals before. Actual goals with timelines and deadlines. Setting goals is exciting. but so is looking back on all the great things accomplished!


JW said...

Very inspiring, Sheridan. ;) I love that you took time out to enjoy your accomplishments. You inspire me all the time. :) Here's to reaching goals and making dreams reality!!

Anonymous said...

You SMOKED until 2006? WHAT???
Little brother in Maine

greydawn said...

concealed my smoking from you little brother! but yes I smoked off and on from age 15 until 1990 when I stopped to have kids then started again after I had the kids and finally stopped for good in 2006 no more never again!

Happy Duff said...

Great post, Sheridan. Having met you and witnessed your first half-marathon success, I know you've stayed focused and worked hard for all you've accomplished. You are an inspiration!