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exercise is my medicine. I run, swim, and lift weights anything to keep my body in top form. I am an RN, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I am grateful for my life and each new day. My PRs Los Angeles Marathon (March 22, 2010) - 6:00:03 San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon (June 6, 2010) - 2:47:53 Redondo Beach Superbowl 10K (Feb 2010) - 1:03 Redondo Beach Superbowl 5K (Feb 2009) - 27:31

Sunday, January 30, 2011

learning long run

long runs before an event are for learning what works
breakfast peanut butter toast on whole wheat and cup of coffee
compression pants, older shoes (love these shoes), camelbak filled with water Garmin 305, ipod fully charge , brought money and cell phone both were not needed but liked knowing I had them, 1 pack of red shot blox, and 1 granola bar. I was hungry
running for almost 4 hours I need more nutrition along the way. forgot chapstick but did not need it.
it rained almost the entire run which I thought was going to be annoying but I found I liked the cooling rain!
I like long runs on the weekend because so many runners are out doing the same thing and I feed off of their energy and it makes it easier to keep moving. Last night I have pasta and and that is an excellent meal prior to long run no meat. I got to bed early. I got out the door 0800~early is good maybe even 0700 would be better
I was going for a negative split but that did not happen but I did not fade. pretty consistent the entire run.
the last mile was torture. I wanted to walk, actually I wanted to lay down!! My mind forced my legs to keep going. This was only 17.6 miles so I have to be certain to keep training or I will never be ready in 50 days!
I love this process. and I am in awe of fast distance runners~how do they do it actually run for a full marathon? I am jogging no way on earth I can run more than 6 miles without dying!!
ok now to find something yummy to eat
I am so thankful my body can do this~I am very lucky for my good health.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 Today I made a dish from Lebanon. I got married there, and have visited a few times with my husband and children . I wanted to go this summer but after reading the news this morning it may be awhile before I feel safe enough to go.
I am making more meatless dishes because I feel lighter eating this way.

brown rice

simmer the lentils in water until tender, then add to pot with brown rice/water  1:2 ratio add spices simmer for 1 hour
while the rice and lentils cook slice an onion and shallow fry in a pan with vegetable oil (if you are lucky , like me you can find a little market where some one already fried the onions and you don't have to stink up your house!)

serve with side of fresh cucumber/tomato salad tossed with mint salt/pepper/olive oil/lemon juice

enjoy with fresh pita bread I prefer to eat this at room temperature.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

getting ready for Los Angeles Marathon

I just might be unteachable. That thought is creeping into my consciousness. Then I remember, thankfully, ....just because you think a thought it does not mean it is true. 

15 mi 03:10 12:39 pace   bike path run
I never learn. 70's sunny,breezy. did not bring chapstick, food or water. mile 14 almost killed me. got home strong! How do runners ever do a negative split? I am seriously too tired to even consider it!
I already knew I was supposed to bring water/food/cell phone and money. But my ego said, not to listen. 
I know that no matter how many marathons a person does~each one is a difficult challenge all on its own. It does not necessarily get easier, in fact it may get more difficult.
I got my miles done so yeah me. I know that anyone can run 20 miles it is that last 10K where they drop like flies. With that in mind I need to keep getting my miles in every week so that March 20th can be a day of enjoying this beautiful city!

This week I need to run hills! Palos Verdes here I come.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

keep it simple

  • Don’t diet–it’s always temporary and not a lifestyle.
  • Eat what you want, but in moderationeverything can fit, just watch how much you’re eating–  we all know portion sizes exist, right?
  • If I want a cupcake, I’ll eat the cupcake! Depriving yourself never works, trust me.
  • Eat when you’re hungry, and become aware of when you’re not hungry–this sometimes takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so behaviors aren’t changed in a day either!
  • If food were just food, wouldn’t we all be skinny?
  • Exercise! Everyone should exercise! If you don’t exercise at all, start! I don’t expect you to run a 10k next week, but do something!
  • What works for one may not work for another, that’s what makes you an “individual.”

Maybe it's my fault, or maybe you're just making excuses.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

out of my mind

 Get out of your mind. get outside and enjoy creation! cool playful breezes, birds swooping like a dance, waves strangely calm could see weird stingray "flying" around in the green water. Life is for living. Focus on truth and beauty in nature. shut out the chronic noise of TV, computer chat, political crap, war, famine, flood. Shut is all down the constant inner dialogue; get outside and listen to what is. Have fun like a child just get moving where ever you are spending energy gives you more energy.

 Pretty cool that I can run 5 miles ~ running is medicine for me. That is the truth.
Now I get to focus on the day. First I run too late a good chunk of the day is spent. Need to consider being more productive and run at sunrise.  food today light. fresh cherries, nuts, cabbage, green tea so far.
dinner more vegetables and herbs maybe some eggs.

Monday, January 17, 2011

on reading

I want to start reading books of ancient wisdom. I am not much of a reader. In fact as a child I really never read books assigned to me in school. My family loved books. We did not even have a TV for many years while I was growing up until we won one from a church raffle when I was about 13 or so. Even then my father made a lock for the TV plug se we could not watch a show without his written permission. When the TV guide came on Sunday in the paper we had to browse through and ask permission and get his signature on the guide for a specific show. WOW kind of harsh. RIGHT??
My Dad had good intentions, but it was hard. He said garbage in garbage out. Referring to junk on TV would lead us (all 9 of us) to have a junk filled brain. (In the photo above I am the one about 3 years leaning against the wall.)
Our house was filled with books, they were in every room piles and piles of books. But for some reason I did not read unless it was something to do with science, until about 3 years ago when a friend asked me to join her book club.
Now that was fun I started reading and sharing with friends over food and wine! I still never finish the books. I always loose interest. I am a slow reader, I do not like endings or good byes and a million other random excuses.
I ran my first marathon this past year, next on the "bucket list" read the Bible or other book of wisdom. That sounds too hard. I am starting to like the fact that I can do hard things. So I will read the book of Psalms this year. There that sounds much more manageable. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

long training run

You will run the marathon the same way you ran your long runs. No surprises here. Thes long runs are where you find out what works and adjust what you do.

I ran to El Porto and home 14.07 mi 02:50 12:04 pace

ipod/Garmin/money for snack/drinks which I stopped at the Green grocery store on 22nd street in Manhattan Beach because I dislike carrying water!!

It was warm today mid 70's and sunny and dry. I was able to stay hydrated along the beach path with water fountains/stores to run in and buy a bottled drinks! this is great because I hate running with my camel back it is annoying.

I intend to run 26.2 miles on 3/20/11 and even though I am not right on track with my plan I am close enough! Progress not perfection baby!!

I love training for a marathon, the process is really fun!

I was so grateful when I got home from my long run, my sweet husband had washed and detailed my car inside and out~I love him!

I am thankful to relax and enjoy all my kids at home for a roast chicken dinner/ yukon gold garlic mashed potatoes/ stuffing and cranberry sauce~ode to Thanksgiving minus the turkey (not a fan of turkey anyway).
My oldest daughter is heading back to Humboldt State University early tomorrow morning. I loved having her home for her semester break!! I am not sure if I will see her again until summer because she wants to spend Spring break on a camping trip with her friends. I am so thankful she found a school she loves and friends to share her time with while she works toward a degree in Marine Biology.

Life is good I run because the way it makes me feel happy and full of life!

This week I plan:
Monday swim
Tuesday hilly trail run
Wednesday weights
Thursday easy run
Friday Yoga
weekend long run and a rest day

Saturday, January 15, 2011

throw away your bathroom scale

this blog is intended for my readers who weigh themselves everyday.
you know who you are.
You are on a diet, trying to loose weight and so you weigh yourself often, then get mad that even though you are eating clean and exercising your enemy on the bathroom floor is telling you that you suck.

Your scale is an evil liar! You need to trust the process of eating well and exercising. It really works.

This is what works for me:

1. be really honest about portion sizes

2. increase muscle mass with weight training, increases resting metabolic rate

3. increase intensity in cardio really go for the 10's
 (high intensity interval training)

4. drink water and eat every 3 hours do not fast makes your body hold onto weight it thinks you might starve so it does not let go of fat.

5. forget about body weight, focus on the process it works. throw the scale in the dump. focus on how your body is remineralizing your bones as you train! strong/dense bones are heavier and muscle is sexy and denser than fat. weight on a scale is not the answer to health. look at how your body feels/looks.

6.  please only weigh yourself once a month.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DO it!

Doing your best is an action. The doing part is where you stop planning, talking, watching, thinking and actually do whatever the thing is.
If you want results or things to change you need to actually do something differently. I learned if you want massive results you need to take massive actions towards the direction of the desired change. Sounds simple but that is reading and writing. GO TRY IT NOW!!!

So much easier said than done. This applies to just about everything in life.

I hold the intention of running 26.2 miles on 3/20/11. I did this once before so I know how hard this is and the miles I need run for months leading up to this day to be able to accomplish this goal. Here comes the human factor (excuse?) my left hip is not liking all those miles. So I needed to tweak my training plan a bit. I needed to do some cross training. So yesterday I went swimming for the first time in a long time.

Swimming laps is hard!

The doing is always an action. I WIN (yeah me!!) because I actually swam the laps!!

Running is a beautiful form of exercise, I love it. Running is relatively easy. wake up put on get dressed open door and your off~running!

Swimming is a whole other thing. find a pool, pay to join. but swimsuit,googles, cap. pack bag with shampoo/conditioner to remove chlorine or end up with green hair (ugg), drive to the pool............................so complicated!

I have been cold this winter (yes I am a spoiled brat California girl) but it has been DAMN cold this winter. The last thing I wanted to go was get into a kind of cold pool but I did (WIN yeah ME!!)

I guess it makes sense to cross train so I intend add swimming to the mix this year, but running is my passion so I need to actually go to a physical therapist and learn how to treat this soreness soon.

So readers of my blog. I ask you to consider what action you are taking today to move yourself towards your goals NOW ?

Monday, January 10, 2011

become aware

find balance
1. focus on balanced diet/water
2. exercise daily: move your body run/walk/swim/yoga
3. relax with friends/family/music/cooking
4. sleep 8 hours night

track how you spend your time for 24 hours be honest write it down and become aware of this

plan what your goals are for this day/week/month/year/decade/lifetime
actually write the goals down with timeline and deadline
plan the steps to move close to arriving at goals
review the plan regularly and adjust as needed
plan nightly for the next day

for example tonight before I sleep I will ask myself in my head to imagine my day tomorrow
1. what will I eat all day details/times
2. what/when will I exercise
3. how will I relax music/friends/new book/walk and talk
4. shut things down and get needed sleep

without a plan and awareness of how you spend your day your life is just a series of reactions drifting along the current.
take charge it is after all your life
today I am keeping track of how I spend my time and kind of like quantum physics theory that the act of observing changes the act!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beyond 2012 - Evolving Perspectives On the Next Age - Full Length Feature

my shortened long run

When does an 8 mile run feel entirely too short? When you planned to run 14 miles that's when. 

 I set out today with water, my garmin, a granola bar, light clothes and kind of determined (that is the problem) to run 14 miles.

For about a month my left hip has been achey and I am mostly ignoring it so it will stop. Probably not the best plan.
I made a half hearted attempt to see a physical therapist but honestly never followed through so have yet to be seen.

So 8 mile long runs will not get me prepared to run 26.2. This week I am going to make an appointment with a sports physical therapist and start swimming to cross train. 

Win for me because I ran 8 miles today in beautiful weather. I love LA!

Noah's Wish Los Angeles Marathon Team: Happy 2011 - Run for Noah's Wish

Do you love animals? Consider supporting this cause. I did! Never heard of this charity until last year when I starting following the blog of Dave. He is running to raise awareness for Noah's Wish.
Noah's Wish Los Angeles Marathon Team: Happy 2011 - Run for Noah's Wish: "Welcome to 2011. Just 12 weeks until the Honda Los Angeles Marathon on March 20th. In the coming weeks, our marathon runn..."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

towards brighter days

Ran 5 miles in 50 mins and felt great. best run in a long time, really pushed my pace! post run endorphin surge so worth it~this should to be illegal!

In my journey towards a lighter brighter life I need to let go of many things.
Life is good, I am thankful for each new day and new chances to be love.
I love music and floating along the tunes when I run.
I love light simple food
I love my family and friends
I love less things around me
I love ideas, feelings and friends.
I found what I focus on expands
I love longer, warmer days.
I choose to focus on love.

not sure of the source (not my original idea)
Love God above all else.
Use your time to develop your soul.
Be completely unselfish.
Be sober, humble, active, and silent.
Practice charity toward all beings.
Read the ancient books of wisdom.
Strive to understand their  meaning.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hot and Cold


Today I am not working so I wanted to cook a bunch of healthy food so later this week I can have quick healthy options when I am tired. It is no surprise that I will be hungry at least 3 times everyday, somedays 5-6 times!
So I need to have good choices to go to when I go browsing in my fridge.
My son is back at UCLA and dorm food, so now my cooking is focused on my girls and husbands likes.
My daughters are vegetarians so need lots of vegetable options.
Side dishes of lentil salad, or egg salad or protein pancakes make the meal complete for them for me and my husband I grill fish or chicken and have that on the side.
I had on hand today a big head of green cabbage so hot/cold options of cabbage sounded good.

Cold Cabbage

combine in a mixing bowl
1/2 c cider vinegar
1T peanut oil
1 T sugar
1t salt
1t black pepper
1T black sesame seeds
1T white sesame seeds
1T silvered almonds
1/4 c peanuts
1/2 head of hand chopped cabbage
1 carrot chopped
1 hot pepper (leave it quartered so its flavor infuses, but I do not actually eat it)

Hot Cabbage

 into a soup pan
1T olive oil
1 small onion diced
4 cloves garlic chopped
6 carrots diced
1 head of cauliflower chopped
1 hot pepper( and leave it big enough to avoid eating, but let its flavor get into the broth)
1/2 head of roughly chopped green cabbage
1T  (Better than Bouillon) vegetable base
1 c tomato sauce
simmer 2 hours, tastes better the next day!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

learning long run

I hold the intention of RUNNING 26.2 miles in 77 days.
With that vision at the front of my brain and my training plan stuck on my fridge door I went for a learning long run today.
It was grey outside with rain heading in but I knew that was coming.

I was planning 13 miles but for some reason I was set on running to Manhattan Beach Pier which turned out to be actually 11.43 miles. I ran the entire time it took 2 hours 10 minutes.

what I learned today
13 miles is farther than I thought!
~the ocean looked like a lake NO SURF little tiny waves so cool!
~Garmin keeps it real I will continue to keep my training real by wearing it on long runs so I don't exaggerate my distance or time. keeping it real is important.
~I ran with water my camel pack, I ran with granola bar which I ate at halfway mark. I did not drink alcohol last night and breakfast was peanut butter toast an coffee.I did not overdress actually I got a little cold when it rained. short sleeve tee was not the best choice.
~whatever you focus on expands! I felt like so many distance runners were out training today and that made it really fun! 
~I can do hard stuff like this. I can run a marathon. I just have to stick to my plan and go slow so I dont get too tired and then I will have to walk.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


beautiful start to New Year. fantastic fun party with friends!

 I got my hilly trail run done without walking! My intention is to RUN the Los Angeles Marathon.
Last year I finished my first ever attempt but I got super tired and had to walk some parts.
So with that intention I will RUN my runs (no walking). I am not focused on a time goal I just want to actually run!!

Now its time to make soups I am making potato soup and also going to make Carla from TOP CHEF's African Ground Nut soup.