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Monday, January 10, 2011

become aware

find balance
1. focus on balanced diet/water
2. exercise daily: move your body run/walk/swim/yoga
3. relax with friends/family/music/cooking
4. sleep 8 hours night

track how you spend your time for 24 hours be honest write it down and become aware of this

plan what your goals are for this day/week/month/year/decade/lifetime
actually write the goals down with timeline and deadline
plan the steps to move close to arriving at goals
review the plan regularly and adjust as needed
plan nightly for the next day

for example tonight before I sleep I will ask myself in my head to imagine my day tomorrow
1. what will I eat all day details/times
2. what/when will I exercise
3. how will I relax music/friends/new book/walk and talk
4. shut things down and get needed sleep

without a plan and awareness of how you spend your day your life is just a series of reactions drifting along the current.
take charge it is after all your life
today I am keeping track of how I spend my time and kind of like quantum physics theory that the act of observing changes the act!

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JW said...

Great stuff! LIving well needn't be hard, but it needs to be an intention, a choice we make daily! :) I see you posted a movie. I will relax to that tonight before I go to sleep. You always inspire!