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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DO it!

Doing your best is an action. The doing part is where you stop planning, talking, watching, thinking and actually do whatever the thing is.
If you want results or things to change you need to actually do something differently. I learned if you want massive results you need to take massive actions towards the direction of the desired change. Sounds simple but that is reading and writing. GO TRY IT NOW!!!

So much easier said than done. This applies to just about everything in life.

I hold the intention of running 26.2 miles on 3/20/11. I did this once before so I know how hard this is and the miles I need run for months leading up to this day to be able to accomplish this goal. Here comes the human factor (excuse?) my left hip is not liking all those miles. So I needed to tweak my training plan a bit. I needed to do some cross training. So yesterday I went swimming for the first time in a long time.

Swimming laps is hard!

The doing is always an action. I WIN (yeah me!!) because I actually swam the laps!!

Running is a beautiful form of exercise, I love it. Running is relatively easy. wake up put on get dressed open door and your off~running!

Swimming is a whole other thing. find a pool, pay to join. but swimsuit,googles, cap. pack bag with shampoo/conditioner to remove chlorine or end up with green hair (ugg), drive to the pool............................so complicated!

I have been cold this winter (yes I am a spoiled brat California girl) but it has been DAMN cold this winter. The last thing I wanted to go was get into a kind of cold pool but I did (WIN yeah ME!!)

I guess it makes sense to cross train so I intend add swimming to the mix this year, but running is my passion so I need to actually go to a physical therapist and learn how to treat this soreness soon.

So readers of my blog. I ask you to consider what action you are taking today to move yourself towards your goals NOW ?


JW said...

Kick in a$$ received! After reading this, even though I was feeling lazy, I got up and went skiing. I did it! :)

Jackie said...

My biggest challenge is living in the NOW. I'm always worried about what I have to do and thinking ahead instead of DOING what I need to do right now. This is a great post and motivating, too. It's time for me to get with it now.