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Sunday, January 2, 2011

learning long run

I hold the intention of RUNNING 26.2 miles in 77 days.
With that vision at the front of my brain and my training plan stuck on my fridge door I went for a learning long run today.
It was grey outside with rain heading in but I knew that was coming.

I was planning 13 miles but for some reason I was set on running to Manhattan Beach Pier which turned out to be actually 11.43 miles. I ran the entire time it took 2 hours 10 minutes.

what I learned today
13 miles is farther than I thought!
~the ocean looked like a lake NO SURF little tiny waves so cool!
~Garmin keeps it real I will continue to keep my training real by wearing it on long runs so I don't exaggerate my distance or time. keeping it real is important.
~I ran with water my camel pack, I ran with granola bar which I ate at halfway mark. I did not drink alcohol last night and breakfast was peanut butter toast an coffee.I did not overdress actually I got a little cold when it rained. short sleeve tee was not the best choice.
~whatever you focus on expands! I felt like so many distance runners were out training today and that made it really fun! 
~I can do hard stuff like this. I can run a marathon. I just have to stick to my plan and go slow so I dont get too tired and then I will have to walk.


JW said...

Love your intention!! Happy New Year!! Look forward to reading about all that universe leads you to during your runs and training. You will do great!

J. Parry-Siegfried said...

You make running sound like a meditation for the soul. Maybe if I adopted your attitude toward it, I would see the joy, not the pain. I really do love your blog. Hugs, Jackie

greydawn said...

Happy New Year Janelle!!
Jackie find your activity that makes sense to you and do it. walking in nature, swimming in a warm pool. whatever you can figure out and it makes sense just do it 3-4 times a week.(HUGS)