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Sunday, January 30, 2011

learning long run

long runs before an event are for learning what works
breakfast peanut butter toast on whole wheat and cup of coffee
compression pants, older shoes (love these shoes), camelbak filled with water Garmin 305, ipod fully charge , brought money and cell phone both were not needed but liked knowing I had them, 1 pack of red shot blox, and 1 granola bar. I was hungry
running for almost 4 hours I need more nutrition along the way. forgot chapstick but did not need it.
it rained almost the entire run which I thought was going to be annoying but I found I liked the cooling rain!
I like long runs on the weekend because so many runners are out doing the same thing and I feed off of their energy and it makes it easier to keep moving. Last night I have pasta and and that is an excellent meal prior to long run no meat. I got to bed early. I got out the door 0800~early is good maybe even 0700 would be better
I was going for a negative split but that did not happen but I did not fade. pretty consistent the entire run.
the last mile was torture. I wanted to walk, actually I wanted to lay down!! My mind forced my legs to keep going. This was only 17.6 miles so I have to be certain to keep training or I will never be ready in 50 days!
I love this process. and I am in awe of fast distance runners~how do they do it actually run for a full marathon? I am jogging no way on earth I can run more than 6 miles without dying!!
ok now to find something yummy to eat
I am so thankful my body can do this~I am very lucky for my good health.


JW said...

;) no apolgies necessary, lady and no need for the self-judgement either. awareness. that's all we need. we are human. obviously I was in the same kind of mood cuz I deleted 1/3 of my fb friends... lol. That wasn't cuz of you, either... just a series of events. be kind to yourself, you are a wonderful spirit. Love ya no matter what. Even if you really do leave the net forever.. ;)

greydawn said...


Jackie said...

It made me so happy to see your blog back online! I LOVED reading about your run. For some reason, I could almost feel the rain and your peaceful energy as I read this. I believe you're going to be my inspiration for walking the Denver half next October or, who knows, jogging it? Wow, that would be something. Hugs, Jackie

greydawn said...

I know you can do it Jackie. What is your farthest walk right now?

Jackie said...

Sheridan, the truth is, I haven't been walking at all, just making tons of excuses. That all ends today (Wednesday). I will report to you, however, if you don't mind, my progress as I go from panting a quarter-mile to walking a mile and on from there. =)

greydawn said...

just getting started is great Jackie.