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Monday, January 17, 2011

on reading

I want to start reading books of ancient wisdom. I am not much of a reader. In fact as a child I really never read books assigned to me in school. My family loved books. We did not even have a TV for many years while I was growing up until we won one from a church raffle when I was about 13 or so. Even then my father made a lock for the TV plug se we could not watch a show without his written permission. When the TV guide came on Sunday in the paper we had to browse through and ask permission and get his signature on the guide for a specific show. WOW kind of harsh. RIGHT??
My Dad had good intentions, but it was hard. He said garbage in garbage out. Referring to junk on TV would lead us (all 9 of us) to have a junk filled brain. (In the photo above I am the one about 3 years leaning against the wall.)
Our house was filled with books, they were in every room piles and piles of books. But for some reason I did not read unless it was something to do with science, until about 3 years ago when a friend asked me to join her book club.
Now that was fun I started reading and sharing with friends over food and wine! I still never finish the books. I always loose interest. I am a slow reader, I do not like endings or good byes and a million other random excuses.
I ran my first marathon this past year, next on the "bucket list" read the Bible or other book of wisdom. That sounds too hard. I am starting to like the fact that I can do hard things. So I will read the book of Psalms this year. There that sounds much more manageable. 


JW said...

I just love that about you, Sheridan.. that you don't like good byes. ;) Psalms is an excellent place to start, as it is flowy- and beautiful. enjoy, what a great goal. I also have to say your dad was right about garbage in, garbage out. We have to watch what we feed our minds, right? Just love ya!!!

Jackie said...

Proverbs is also good. Short segments and easy to read. For some more easy-to-read inspiration, you might enjoy "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, if you haven't already read it. I love that book and have read it many times. Your dad was a wise man and obviously taught his children well...Hugs, Jackie