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Saturday, January 15, 2011

throw away your bathroom scale

this blog is intended for my readers who weigh themselves everyday.
you know who you are.
You are on a diet, trying to loose weight and so you weigh yourself often, then get mad that even though you are eating clean and exercising your enemy on the bathroom floor is telling you that you suck.

Your scale is an evil liar! You need to trust the process of eating well and exercising. It really works.

This is what works for me:

1. be really honest about portion sizes

2. increase muscle mass with weight training, increases resting metabolic rate

3. increase intensity in cardio really go for the 10's
 (high intensity interval training)

4. drink water and eat every 3 hours do not fast makes your body hold onto weight it thinks you might starve so it does not let go of fat.

5. forget about body weight, focus on the process it works. throw the scale in the dump. focus on how your body is remineralizing your bones as you train! strong/dense bones are heavier and muscle is sexy and denser than fat. weight on a scale is not the answer to health. look at how your body feels/looks.

6.  please only weigh yourself once a month.

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