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Thursday, February 10, 2011


last semester of BSN underway.
papers/ reading/ group discussions/ power points/ lengthy papers/ hours of clinical/ with a looming "project of change"

I work at one local hospital and I love my co-workers/ the hospital/ the doctors most would say So the problem is???? Apparently you don't know me. I just got hired at a second hospital. Why?? Just because I thrive on new exciting challenges and tire of the same old. I also have only worked at my hospital in my current role and want to learn how other hospitals interpret this role. I now work at both places. I bet they both have good/bad. I just want to know my options when I inch closer to working full time. I still have a high school freshman.

Which leads me to my most important role, Mom. I have been a little to self focused lately. Much more time needs to be directed at what makes my baby tick. What I can get her excited about. This year has been a huge change in our house. The two oldest children have moved out into college dorms. It can get really quiet. Then I realized the time is now to jump into whatever excites my youngest child. She is still open to doing things with me. I realized that she is affected by my running and now has 3 of her friends meet at our house after school to run on the beach and then stretch and eat healthy. All these girls look up to me as a role model. I enjoy it and they all decided next year to quit dance and join cross country and track.

My youngest is taking French 2 and loves language. My husband is Lebanese and speak arabic. So my baby girl and I were talking this morning about learning arabic just the two of us so we can communicate at extended family reunions and use the skill when we travel to the middle east. I took arabic in the 80's when I met my husband but never learned it enough to speak in sentences, but I can understand about 80% of conversational arabic which most people would never guess by looking at me! So we are going to learn arabic.

I am not a fan of winter and am so happy it is winding down. I know I know I am lucky to live an inch from the Ocean in a temperate climate............I still have been cold and kind of low energy with short hours of weak sunshine. THANK GOD for Los Angeles Marathon being a Spring race it has kept my mind focused and my body active during an otherwise uninspired time of year. I need to do a few more long runs before March 20th so I can make it 26.2 miles.

Spring cleaning needs to begin. Today!! End of story.


JW said...

Beautiful picture of you two. What fun adventures you have planned with your youngest. I think that is awesome! You guys will get spring much, much faster than us, we are still in teh thick of it. I know about that winter low energy. Enjoy life, girlie!!!

Jackie said...

You and your daughter are beautiful. Isn't it a blessing that she loves to hang-out with her mom? Arabic is a beautiful language. I studied it years ago and thought is was so poetically beautiful. What a nice goal for you and your daughter to share that you can later share with other family members. Hugs, Jackie