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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lessons learned from a soggy marathon

  I fell off my training schedule in Feb  due to pain in my left hip. I had decided not to run. But when my hip stopped hurting after 6 weeks of basically resting I decided to run the marathon. The weather was horrendous. 50’s and rain torrential rain with sheets of water slamming at me almost comical. I was doing alright, at first because I was not tired yet. The weather won when I got tired. At mile 22 my legs were tired due to lack of long training runs so I slowed way down and was running really really slow this was the turning point. At that point my core temperature was dropping from 5+hours of rain/wind. When I slowed down the weather beat me. I started shivering fiercely I dropped to the curb and could not get up~someone had to help me up. Then I somehow made it to the Starbucks on the corner of 26th and San Vincente were I fell onto a stool and could not move. Two firefighters shocked by my shivering and inability to stand shook their heads and said they wished more people would know when to stop. When my husband arrived to drive me home. I could not get up. He had to lift my legs into the car. I shivered until 3AM. I am certain I had hypothermia to some degree.  In retrospect, if I had been prepared. Put in all my training runs the weather would not have been able to overtake me. Also a raincoat might have helped.

I ran 23 miles in 5:30 any other day that last 3.2 would have been nothing but 3/20/11 that last 3.2 was 1,000,000 miles.


Jackie said...
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JW said...

Well, I am amazed by your marathon accomplishment! ;)

greydawn said...

@Jackie not sure why your comment got removed? Thanks for your encouragement and support! @ Janelle Thank you~I amazed myself as well. much much harder than last year even though I did not finish I am happy I gave it my best effort.

Jackie said...

Hey, Sheridan - I'm not sure why my comment disappeared either. I did google my blog last night and learned that some of my posts have been ripped-off and are being posted at mysunjoy.com. They're my posts and even have my name at the bottom, but the header says "Written by My Sun Joy." For Pete's sake! I don't know if my email and comments are now compromised by this piracy, so if you get some unusual or stange emails or comments that appear to be from me, please know that they're not and let me know - PLEASE.

greydawn said...

Jackie it is kind of flattering that someone likes your ideas so much that they copy you! I will not take anything personally if the comments don't seem like you I know it is not you! love you!