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Sunday, March 13, 2011


perfect day
woke up with a smile
coffee and new favorite breakfast is Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey/Flax 1/2 cup dry and crunchy!
birds singing got my paper and my heart breaks with the images from Japan.
I think again my life is perfect
I am so thankful for today, my health, my family
I can not waste a moment
life is a precious gift
praying for those suffering
outside to run
I my left hip is finally not hurting after resting about 20 days.
I run to the Redondo Pier ~walk around the harbor and ~no dead sardine's I guess they all got cleaned up?
I run back home I am happy my hip is no longer hurting.
question to myself
will I show up next Sunday to attempt Los Angeles Marathon after taking about 20 days of rest~Can I do it?

live life aligned with intention
throw your eyes to a distant point of where you see yourself and let the intent pull you in the right direction
what is the purpose of your life, why are you here?
I know that I was created to be love~that is my purpose
so my actions, thoughts come from that.
Have you ever walked on a balance beam?
If you look at your feet you wobble and loss balance
If you look into the distance at the end of the beam suddenly you can almost run along the beam without falling
this is what living in alignment with your life's intentions feels like


Beginning Anew said...

Beautiful Post! I love days like that where the planets align and I feel my feet firmly on the ground, knowing who I am and appreciating every bit.

Happy for your hip! Tough decision ahead. I think I know what you will choose, but I won't say. Only you can decide this one. God Speed...

~ Darla ~ said...

A very beautiful post. Caught some of it over on Janelle's blog. I found out from my sister-in-law there her relatives in Japan are okay so I am thankful.

I am sending everything good thought and energy I can to the people of Japan.

Jackie said...

Walking the balance beam...looking at your feet..
I'm late to your post here, but I totally agree that it is beautiful. Perhaps this weekend more than ever, I, too, have been mindful of my many blessings. I'm glad your hip is better and like Beginning Anew, I suspect I know your decision about the marathon. Whatever it is, it will the right one for you. Blessings as we start a new week, my friend.