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Saturday, April 23, 2011

garden joy

Last Fall my husband and I decided it would be nice to give our outside space a makeover. This Spring has been so much fun watching the grasses, succulents and flowers fill in the space. Every morning when I run out to grab the Los Angeles Times off the driveway I am so happy with the way the plants seem to be enjoying showing off the front of the house! I especially love the long fluffy wild grassy plant at the end of the driveway. I call these plants "my blonde girls" and love to swish them with my hands. These plants bring me joy. My husband keeps asking if he can trim the plants and I tell him don't touch they are perfect. He is an engineer and likes things all tidy in a row. I am much more of a free spirit and I love the way the plants move in the breezes.
The back is a big jacuzzi with a huge deck and mostly natural stone. Perfect spot to read a book~the TV is always on inside the house which can drive the most sane person to run off a cliff!
The South side of the house will be the herb and vegetable garden. The fresh oregano, mint, rosemary and thyme are already growing. This weekend we are planning what else gets planted. Tomatoes are my favorite I am still using some I canned last Fall.
The front of the house has a beautiful teak glider on the porch. My favorite place to have coffee and watch the barefooted surfers, bike riders, and runners go by on their way to the Beach
The space will soon have seating and a fire bowl: that is why there is a gas line poking up through the stone.
When we save a bit more money the plan is a teak picnic table and chairs here by the BBQ.

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JW said...

So pretty, I love your gardening style. I am a big fan of grasses, too, I love how they swish and sway. LOVE the blondies.... I bet I can't grow them here, I haven't seen them. Thanks for sharing, so pretty. ;)