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Saturday, April 2, 2011

talking myself into a good day despite what's going on

1.Last week of school~tons of stuff to do to finish strong (not my forte! remember I stopped on mile 23 of 26.2 just saying)
2. Niece doing a little better, but remains in Pediatric ICU) after brain surgery following a bike accident (she was not wearing a helmet)
3. husband's Uncle died last night after long illness
4. out of state relatives will be coming to stay with me for 7-10 days as a result of #2 and #3
5. Palm Springs 0700  tomorrow morning for a long ago planned Spring break get away
6. I went for a run to help get stress level down and it felt amazing
7.  post run green tea and sushi ~the best meal of the week!

I feeling a bit stressed as a result of all the above things~recognize the stress will not let it get hold of me. I will focus on NOW finish my school work~get it done graduation is just a breathe away!


JW said...

Yay about graduation! You do finish strong, girl and you will finish just fine with school. ;) Way to look at your stressors and not try to cover up or ignore but also not dwelling. Breathe... one moment at a time!

Jackie said...

Sending you lots of positive energy and prayers, Sheridan. You've got a lot going on now, yet, as always, you are handling many challenges with grace and strength. Condolences for the loss of your uncle-in-law and congrats on your hard work and soon-to-be-graduation! Hugs and prayers, Jackie