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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sounds of Silence - Gregorian Chant (HD)

I love silence

I love silence
My car used to answer my phone "hands free" whlle this sounds nice it was disruptive. When I ran the Los Angeles Marathon in a "monsoon" it killed my phone. I never figured out how to make my car recognize my new phone but guess what? I don't care. I am thankful this happened to my phone thanks to the rain I found new place of peace and quiet inside my car.
Before every trip in the car I would call someone. Now I use the quiet time to think and just be. I do not like the radio either or AC just roll down the windows and take in the moment.
While all things electronic surround us to simplify (supposedly) our lives I think I was loosing track of beauty, nature quiet ......all that is. It is just perfect as is a never-ending spectacle if we just be in the moments that are.
I am not a fan of random noise.
Why some people need to chew and crunch every time they watch TV makes me dislike TV.
I dislike going to the movies because the chewing and crinkling annoy me.
I dislike co-workers who chew gum, crack their knuckles or make other noise.
I hate canned laugh tracks on TV shows.
I could be a hermit. I would never tire of the alone time and I would love the sounds, scents, and views from my own place.
I survive random noise by
Leaving the scene before it becomes a crime scene. haha!
Avoid going places I know will cause me stress, like the movies.
I spend much more time outside in the elements these days alone with nature walking or running and that is how I thrive despite living in a small-shared place.

 “Energy Leadership” by Bruce Schneider 
Schneider says, “Stress isn’t something that happens to someone. It’s something someone feels about what’s happening. Your capacity to deal with any outer situation is based on your inner perspective."
What was new to me is that I am never the victim of stress. I am always the creator of stress by how I perceive what’s happening and how I see myself in relationship to it. Before, I always thought stress was created by the situation I was in and that I was powerless to do anything but get through the stressful situation as best as I could.
I love becoming aware of this limiting belief!


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JW said...

Omg. We are so alike. I could be a hermit, too, though I am learning to embrace the quirkiness of humans as they are, gum-smackin,' flip-flop flappin' and noisy creatures. lol But I definitely need to retreat to silence to rejuvenate. Great vid!