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exercise is my medicine. I run, swim, and lift weights anything to keep my body in top form. I am an RN, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I am grateful for my life and each new day. My PRs Los Angeles Marathon (March 22, 2010) - 6:00:03 San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon (June 6, 2010) - 2:47:53 Redondo Beach Superbowl 10K (Feb 2010) - 1:03 Redondo Beach Superbowl 5K (Feb 2009) - 27:31

Friday, June 3, 2011


why I overcomplicate stuff is a mystery

Why do I work at 2 hospitals 2 miles apart and force myself to learn 2 systems/doctors/nurses/routines?

Why do I get paralysis from over analysis?

Why did I just spend 3 years and thousands of dollars getting a degree that would allow me to stay in my current position?

Why and this is really a mystery do I spend hours online focused on gaining health when I am healthy?

In the past few years ~I stopped smoking, gave up soda, stopped living on junk food. I stopped shopping and gathering more and more useless crap. I woke up.
I started becoming aware of what I ate; I realized I was spiritual even though I reject organized religion.
I started running and love the process of training for big events. It is a blast to plan and train and you never know what will happen out there. Anyone remember Los Angeles Typhoon, I mean Marathon this past year. I will never regret that day. When I am 99 years old that memory will bring a smile to my face and I did not cross the finish line! I froze solid to a Starbucks chair around mile 24.  It is the stuff that you can not predict, plan or even want that makes the best memories. I will probably participate in the Los Angeles Marathon every year until I can no longer walk because it is just that incredible!

So I am trying to bring myself to sign up for another event. So I can once again set my mind reaching, planning towards the big day.

I was thinking Long Beach in October or Las Vegas in December. Still have not committed to either. I will plan and think about it this weekend. Of course I like to complicate things and here’s the rub I currently like to run barefoot; actually naked feet no weird silicone things……..I now love barefoot sand running.


JW said...

Hey, Chicka! Thanks for continuing to support me after all these years. I appreciate your friendship so much and wish we lived closer!! I deleted my account at the other forum simply because I did't feel a vibe there, but I am reading Bill's blogs and keeping in touch that way. I still find his info valuable. The "contest" stuff gets in my way... I just want to do this for ME. ;) I started a travel fund.... I hope to make it to the desert in spring for a hike within two years!!

greydawn said...

we are soul sisters right? I am not posting there much because it is an energy vacuum. It takes away too much time and energy but the ideas are good so I won't delete ...yet! wish we lived closer as well! good idea on the travel fund I think my money is in the support 3 kids through college fund. it is expenseive. both older kids are getting apts instead of dorms this coming year so we are supporting our house and 2 apts no idea how we can afford this! My newest goal is 1 pull up. my arms are so weak that this will be a challenge but I will do it before August of that I am certain. I need little but challenging goals.