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Monday, July 25, 2011

sunshine and fresh air

I love summer, sunshine, gulls, sounds of waves, smell of suntan oil, warm breezes, french fries and crabs cooking at the pier.
I have today off so that is a bonus!
No pressure of school currently on my kids makes life relaxed.
So grateful for all that is today including my outlook!

walked 5 miles today needed a break from running but I walked fast and even passed a few runners. I love moving my body it feels great!
Summer food is excellent as well fruit tastes better, salad is divine with fresh tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers from my garden~feel like I could like on sunshine, fresh air!


JW said...

I am deciding to do an outdoor workout this afternoon instead of my planned indoor with weights. I will walk fast and do pushups and run up and down stairs as I come across them. Yay for sun!!! Yay for summer! :)

beckyanneruns said...

I love summer food so much too - fresh fruits, rose wine. seafood - ah... then again, I also love, love, love fall veggies.. sweet potatoes, root veggies. Delish!