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Monday, August 22, 2011

going back to basics

I am inspired to go back to basics with nutrition
but it is hard to change habits
I kind of love junk which is my dirty little secret
I could easily eat an entire bag of cheese popcorn and have many times (end up with bright orange fingers)
I have decided to stop this now because I want to be healthier

75% of what I eat will now be real food~unprocessed
no junk no fast food no boxes no frozen meals and limit alcohol to 1 drink/week
just real whole food
exercise focus on miles not time run 3-4 times/week

whenever I proclaim I am going to do something I do not follow through
I do better when I blog about what I did instead of my grand plan

so yesterday was the first day of this so here is how it went


woke up and had a
cup of coffee and an omelet (2 whole eggs a few mushrooms,onions and tomatoes) 1 flour tortilla(need to figure out what to eat instead of tortilla)
6 hour drive (ugh)
I resisted crap 100% no chips, soda, cookies none
instead I ate a nectarine and an apple and turkey and cheese sandwich (need to figure out what do eat instead of bread)
went grocery shopping
baked  chicken, corn on the cob, tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden and I drank fresh watermelon(juiced it) + 1 shot of vodka ( so had my 1 drink for the week)
I had a bite of a cheesecake in the evening (if someone in the house eats something I want it)


I was going to run at sunset on the beach but I just did not do it once I got home there was so much distraction  I just told myself to run in the  morning
so today I will once again eat real food and run and tomorrow I will write about how it went
I need to be 100% honest with me and blogging helps me

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