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Monday, August 1, 2011

My run and other stuff

woke early to drive my youngest to Cross Country practice
ate a cup of (dry) Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax
drank coffee, strong and hot could double as nail polish remover
ran 5 miles trying to let go of times and focus on just getting the miles done (less than 1 hour)

listened to :

ate my body weight in Honey Nut Cheerios dry and crunchy
drank 3 glasses of water
 checked in with my computer stuff
took a shower used my new favorite  thing Trader Joe's Spa Gentle face wash and rejuvenating lotion
drove to work to complete BLS re-certification by the way why does the AHA keep have to changing the sequence?
Passed my re-cert~yeah me! Good for another 2 years of CPR and emergency responding.
drove home by way of Walgreen's which is not hard because there are Walgreen's every 2 blocks in any direction everywhere you go. to buy Clearasil for my child who is too shy to buy personal hygiene stuff.
ate a whole wheat pita stuffed with pea sprouts, celery, pickles, lettuce and tuna
drank ice tea plain and freshly brewed
talked and hugged 2 of my kids who are home and happy "mommy has the day off" me too,  I love being a Mom!
I love to cook...making dinner  spaghetti homemade not jarred sauce and homemade meatballs with salad and garlic bread
my thoughts today ~happy it is summer, the kids are home no school, sun is shining, health is excellent, future looks bright!


JW said...

Yay to a day off and time with the kids! healthy living there! :)

I'm Jackie... said...

Reading your posts just makes me happy. Isn't life beautiful?

greydawn said...

Jackie how are you? missed you here in blog world. life is good and I love it